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Greetings of the day to all CA students.

Hey Friends

Again I am here to discuss with you a journey of career. In my previous article I told you about success and the ratio of success and I got lots of good comments on it. I really appreciate you all for those assuming that my article will not change your life but it will encourage you to change your thoughts which will definitely change your life. Friends, the journey of our struggle will not end on passing of CA exams, I would say that it really starts from that point. So now you are a Chartered Accountant. You have two options either you go into practice or will do a job with MNC (preferred by masses). Now I want to tell you that here again you start calculating the ratio of efforts and monetary benefits. As you are CA you will not only calculate the percentage but you will calculate the future value and present value (as you have studied lots of problems of FV and PV in your Financial Management).

If today you go for second option i.e. JOB then you will be happy as you are earning fixed monthly amount. You can easily take financial decisions as you are sure about the repayment and all. You will enjoy foreign tours and of course relaxed life at the cost of your hard work, late night sitting for achieving targets or meeting your deadlines laid down by your management or by our beloved various government departments like Income Tax, ROC. You always try to give your best performance to get promotion (it is again at the cost of increase in the responsibility). So tell me What you say? You are happy or still struggling?

Now you go for first option i.e. My own practice. Here in the initial stage you will not be happy as you have to struggle for each rupee. You have to think twice before taking any financial decisions. You will enjoy client tours only (as you have to give best service to your client). You have lot of time in your hand to spend as you wish. It is at the cost of less earnings, lots of compromises and so many things.

Now you are at the point of saturation. If you are doing job then you might have paid your liabilities and no debt. A person who is into his practice has the same situation as his earnings are more as he has settled into his own practice.

Now start your calculation. Whether we should struggle for initial 4-5 year to settle our practice or we  should go for job where there won’t be struggle for 4-5 year but daily you have to work under your boss (of course till the age of retirement there is always hire authority under whom you work).

Friends believe me at the saturation point both will be at same point. Both will say I did lots of work, now don’t want to increase my work and want to do what I have now.

So don’t think much. Everywhere you have to put your efforts more or less & moreover today or tomorrow. Just be perfect in what you do. Keep your mind cool. The most important thing in life is “PEACE OF MIND”. Both options will give you peace of mind at different time. But you have to decide that time. You yourself are the creator of your life. Life gives lot of options to achieve the same. It’s just like “GOING TO THE SAME DESTINATION WITH THE DIFFERENT ROUTE/WAY”


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CA Varsha Mankoskar
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