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The Article has been written without disregarding any person. Rather it has been written for the value addition and to make an effort of securing the respect and golden image to this noble profession. In the current scenerio of GST and various other prevailing commercial laws in india, we are taking up so many steps to handle the burden and trying to mitigate the stress over busniessmen which should be appreciated.

Simultaneously, we are also earning our ROTI i.e. Return on Time Invested. But the ways through which some of the professionals are making efforts may be beneficial to the society but are resulting into creation of genuine hardship to the profession itself and also affecting so many professionals as well.

Let us discuss few practical situations:

You may see a lots of professionals (CAs) are serving to the clients by explaining the process of making compliance of various commercial laws and statutes via social media including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Youtube. Its really a matter inviting attention.

On the one hand when the results of CA final is declared, n number of fresher chartered accountants keep starting to go here and there in search of Job vacancies and after all approx 20-25% fresher's get a proper Job, Rest all of the candidates are helpless to get a job which gives 15K to 25K range of salary and they think that this is really what they deserve, which ultimately affects the value of the profession.

Don't you really feel forced to think the reasons and causes behind that?

Here are some of the observations about that, these are my opinion based on an assessment of current market situations and conditions:-

a. First Instance:

Recently a survey was conducted by some of my colleagues where it was noticed that in this season itself some of the diseases are spreading over the society like Seasonal viral, Dengue, Swine Flue, Malaria, Typhoid and other so many diseases which have became general in our country.

But not a single medical professional or a single doctor or medical agent started serving on the Facebook, Quora, Whatsapp or Instagram or Youtube about the social problems on FREE OF COST basis, which are basic needs of the lay men to the business class people or to even any citizen of the country,

b. Second Instance:

If you visit the statistics of the Indian judicial system itself, you will easily find that crores of cases on civil, criminal, or revenue cases are pending in the supreme court itself and the same figure can be seen in high courts also. Most of the cases are of similar ground, similar nature and does consist of the same matter of facts or otherwise in it.

Professional Services on Social Media by Chartered Accountants

But matter to think is that No advocate or legal professional has started shorting and selling his knowledge and serving to the society on the social media on FREE OF COST basis, which is also a basic or fundamental rights under the constitution of India, and every citizen needs help in that field also including laymen.

c. Third Instance:

If you want to construct a property you generally need services of engineers and the profession is also growing day by day. Even for the contracts which are for general public advantages like dams, pulls, bridges and all (Government Contracts) are allotted on daily basis since decades.

But the facts to think about is that None of the engineer has started serving to neither the society nor the government at FREE OF COST basis on social media, which is also a basic need of the society.


d. Fourth Instance: 

In India, there are 'n' number of professions and vocations are done to earn the basic or advanced needs of human life, for which so many kind of educational qualifications and technical and soft skills are needed, which are provided by private tutors, teachers and various educational organizations.

But the matter to think is that None of the education coaches, tutors (teachers) or any other educational body started serving to the society FREE OF COST basis.


e. Fifth Instance:

Recently Goods and Services regime was implemented in our country and our professionals started serving to the society on FREE OF COST BASIS on the medias like Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and all.

The matter itself feels to be thought that the services of a chartered accountant are very very special and technical and demanding and respectful in itself, but making it free of cost and easily accessible is a matter to think.

As a statement that is taught in philosophy is that Respect is always Commanded and Never Demanded.

The only way by which you can gain your respect is your knowledge and accordingly, the value of opinion and services can only be gained through the self-respect only. If one can not value himself then respect from others can never be expected or deserved.

See, this is only my own view and interpretation which has been drawn to express my thoughts, one may vary with the same.


Published by

CA. Mohit chaturvedi
(CHATURVEDI M A & CO LLP Chartered Accountants)
Category Professional Resource   Report

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