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I am not as imaginative as my duo friend VIKASH MAHESHWARI SIR and PULKIT GUPTA SIR , and can not write such wonderful article and written by them !   so I do what I do best and that it admire them. Truly it is really difficult for me to write a super ordinate then them on those great issues, and this article is dedicated to them.....

While talking to my peers this thought came in my mind, what are the basic qualities of a successful professional particularly successful CAs.  so I am just sharing the same with you,  and hope admin sir will grade it worth approving.

This article not only lists the characteristics of effective professional but also it can act as a guideline for our own behaviour for a student specially a professional course student.   No I'm not going write a long prose on some goody- goody habits , quality, ethics  or schedules of CA Act which specifies professional misconduct  by a chartered accountants my CA final book . just six basic things one must do !!

Learn - Effective professional are constantly learning. They read, they attend seminars, they listen to tapes and CDs, they constantly ask questions and seek out skilled people to mentor them. It develop new skills, develop new interests and continually expand their ability to achieve results. Most the time their learning is self driven as they find that increased knowledge also creates a situation where the unknown starts to become recognizable. This in itself fuels the desire to learn more.


Believe in People - professional are cheerful, humorous and happy but most importantly they are optimistic and their optimism rubs off on other people. Because they are so positive, they infect the people around them with the same hope. They don't focus on peoples weaknesses but instead, try and develop their strengths. Because they are so positive and have such a strong belief in people, staff members enjoy working for them.

Be  Excited About your work - Effective persons are constantly excited and enthusiastic about what theyre doing. Their excitement and enthusiasm has a powerful effect on the people around them. They cannot avoid being caught up in the climate for personal development and growth.

Be  Catalysts for productive efforts - Effective professional harnesses the synergy of the group and apply their productive efforts to improve things. Because professional believe in other peoples ability and potential, delegation is not an issue so their style of supervision is adapted for each individual.

Think before you act - Every  professional puts him time aside every single day without fail, to think. This thinking time is used for setting priorities, designing changes, looking at ways of implementing changes, reviewing their own performance, reviewing the performance of other people in the team, planning and working your ways to implement improvements.

Have an Abundance Mentality - Having  no problems with sharing ideas, experience or documentation to help others. Not withholding  information instead, professional  distribute as much information as possible to people who may be interested. Effective professionals are givers,  share without expecting anything in return.


Thanks for reading .


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Manmohan ACA, CS
(Chartered Accountant )
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