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First, I would like to congratulate CAClubIndia for successfully getting towards it half a million professionals and prospect future professional (students’ community) under one forum.


I thought of sharing with our colleagues one of the important burning issues which we are knowingly or unknowingly entering in to and also try to find out an action plan to address it as soon as possible. I would like to call it as NEED OF THE HOUR towards which each one of us should be committed from heart and soul to put a full stop.  I am talking about an important issue which is no way related to our profession directly but, which is much important for all our existence. Yes, I am talking about “GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE” which is the hot topic discussed across the globe in each and every summit. As a qualified professional and students, it is each one our responsibility and duty that we in our profession also practice few things which help in brining down the Global Warming to some extent.


Understanding Global Warming


“Owing to the results of global warming glaciers is retreating, sea levels are increasing, polar bears and other rare cold climate species are slowly becoming extinct. Navigators maintain that the Icebergs that once dominated the Atlantic and Pacific oceans have now vanished. Scientists and environmentalists conducted various studies and concluded that the past 30 years has been the warmest period in the global history.”


If we read the above paragraph, we will get an idea what Global Warning means and also this is proved in India when we go back and see the changes taking place in temperature, rainfall, humidity etc for past so many years. A study conducted shows that Climate change is likely to lead to some irreversible impact on biodiversity. Approximately 20 to 30% of the species assessed so far are likely to face treat of extinction. We are also experiencing it in our day to day life,  many of the birds and animals which we saw during our childhood days are not seen now. If we don’t wake up now then our children should be satisfied only to see these species in movies and as pictures in books. The Ozone which act as a protector layer as well as screening layer from sun radiation is getting depleted due to the pollution caused by human beings. This has resulted in excess heat and evaporation of water bodies which in turn has resulted in drought like situation.


So, it is time to act for us before our children see the worst part of it. Let’s stand up and work together and see to it that we adhered to some of the bare minimum things in our daily professional life and also in our personal life so that each of us contribute towards reduction in pollution level and become more environment friendly.


I would like to share some of the basic things which each of us can start doing immediately in order to be part of the initiative to save our environment from disaster.


As a Practicing/Working Professional – What can we do?


As Professionals in practice or working in good positions, we can do a lot. Some of the important things what we can do is –


  1. Switch to Energy efficient Lighting – By doing so we not only reduce our energy bill to great extent but also reduce the amount of Carbon dioxide emission limit which is posing threat to Ozone depletion. So, avoid CFL bulbs in your office.


  1. Avoid usage of Air Condition where ever not necessary – Most of the office whether big or small now a days use Air conditioners. Air conditioners consume much electricity and this we can avoid by opening windows and allowing more of natural air and light come through.


  1. Practice Fuel efficient drivingWhile driving vehicle be cautious and efficient as most of the energy is burnt due to inefficient driving. Use the vehicle where ever it is required and where ever we can reach by walk or by any other easy mode of transport try to make use of it. Get the vehicles serviced on regular basis and always make sure you get Emission tested at regular intervals.


  1. Use less and less paper in officeAs most of our work can be done through use of computers and all communications and correspondence can be done with internet tools, try to use more and more of it. Use one sided paper for internal circulations and avoid taking more and more prints. Now, more and more government departments which we interact is going online and try to make use of that  benefit to maximum extent. Move towards more and more paper less environment as far as possible.


  1. Avoid using Plastic in officePlastic is used in lot of office for various activities like files, covers, tumblers, plates etc. Try avoiding use of plastics at work place as it doesn’t get degraded very fast. Wherever possible use recycled paper instead of plastic.


  1. Use more and more green plants in officeUse some show plants in office, this will not only add look but, also act as a very good environment balancing agent.


  1. Use “OFF” Switch in office - Use auto switch off in office so that lights, fan etc automatically gets switched off when it is not used. Also, use auto power locks for systems, Xerox machine, printers etc..

  1. Educate your staff, clients and friendsThis is the most important factor which will help in creating awareness among your known sources. For this purpose you can have a big display at office mentioning Do’s and Don’ts which affects environment. While sending mails to clients, you can use some signatory texts on creating environment awareness.


As a Student of Profession – What can I do?


It is important that as a student you understand the importance of Global warming and work towards addressing it. Some of the important things what a student can do is -


  1. Create awareness among your friends – Most of the students use networking sites, blogs, mobile phones etc regularly. These tools can be used more effectively to create awareness on environmental issues among friend circles.


  1. Rely more on public transportMost of the students even to go from one place to another less than 1 KM use there own vehicles. This is something, which can be avoided. Kindly think using of alternatives, a bicycle can act as a good complements or use more and more public transport system where ever necessary. Avoid using 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers where ever it is not important or necessary.


  1. Adhere to your office instructions on environment initiatives - As more and more offices have already moved towards implementing environment friendly atmosphere, it is the duty of each one of us to adhere to and follow the instructions. So, students community should follow the instructions as laid down in their office and share with their colleagues and friends.


  1. Save Paper and avoid use of  plastics.


As a Common Man – What can I do?


 As a common man we can do a lot of things to protect our earth from destruction. Some of the important thing what we can do is –



  1. Reduce Energy needed for Heating – Most of the heat in the form of Carbon dioxide is as a result of too much each generated from various sources. If we can limit the use and save generating heat to some extent then we can reduce the carbon emission and there by reduce ozone depletion.

  1. Planting of trees and growing small plants in gardenTry planting trees on road side, vacant lands and grow more and more forest on hill slopes. Many NGOs and organizations have started initiatives to plant trees, be a part of it and plant as many trees as possible. This will help in environment balance.


  1. Eat Vegetarian Meals - Vegetarian meals is not only good for health but also can be used with minimum boiling. This saves lot of energy in cooking vegetarian foods. Twice in a week at least use raw vegetarian. 


  1. Paint your house, office etc with light colours depending on the climate where you are located - If you are staying in warm climate then paint your office, house etc in light colours. In case of cold climate then paint house, office etc in dark colour.


  1. Choose the best energy options available - Instead of using electricity, gas, coal etc., try to use solar power or any other renewable energy source which is available in abundance.


  1.  Go for reuse or recycling where ever necessary Select reusable materials where ever you can, avoid plastics and other non degradable materials. Start up small initiatives on your own to recycle and use the materials for better use.


  1. Do Manual works wherever it can be doneTry doing work manually without help of machines where ever it is possible to do. Avoid unnecessary use of machines. This will result in saving of energy, fuel, noise pollution etc.


  1. Save Water As we are facing lot of water scarcity, it  is important that we save water through proper planning and usage


  1. Use vehicle only if it is necessary and for other purpose use public transport.


  1. Recycling of Kitchen wasteThere is lot of methods to recycle kitchen wastes and this can be converted in to biomass and which in turn can be fed to the plants around us. Try practicing simple techniques of converting kitchen waste to biomass.


  1. Feed birds and animals – Today we see that most of the species of common birds and animals which we used to see earlier are in verge of extinction this is because the advent of industries, communication revolution, growth of cities etc. So, it our duty now to protect these species from extinction and we can extend our helping hand by offering them with food and water. At regular interval we can put some food materials and keep some water in small cups on the top of our office/residence or the lawns so that the birds and animals eat it.


So, let’s commit and work towards protecting our beautiful planet. Let us not be selfish and think about ourselves, let us think about our children, other species, flora and fauna etc and fight against evils which we have created. Earth is the only planet which god has created for us to live; now it is in our hands to either save it or destroy it. To start, let us practice few simple things from the above list and try implementing it successfully.


Let us understand it as GLOBAL WARNING instead of GLOBAL WARMING...... 


CMA  Raveendranath Kaushik

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CMA Raveendranath
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