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  Member Since : 25 December 2009  (Bangalore)

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Consultant at Raveendranath Kaushik & Assoicates, Bengaluru

Management Committee Member - Bengaluru Chapter of Cost Accountants

Assoicate Member of ICAI,  MPhil - Economics , Post Graduate degrees in Economics, Tax Laws and Finance.

Certified International Taxation degree from Institute of International Trade, WTO study center

Financial Literacy Resource Person for SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

Full time practicing person in areas of Project Management, Corporate Due Deligence and International Taxation.

Academic Co-ordinator for Arobindo College of Women - Department of Management

Guest Faculty at JJ College of Business and ICAI Bengaluru Chapter.

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Certificate in Quantitative Finance IIM Calcutta Applied Finance(Batch 17) Live GST Course on GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) by CA Bimal Jain

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