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Prepare for the Battle - May 2011

CA Madhukiran Reddy , Last updated: 18 April 2011  

Hi Friends there is only a couple of days for the exam. I Hope all are preparing well for the exam. I want to share some important tips for those who are writing their May PCC, IPCC & Final Examinations, So let me take the Opportunity to explain the tips to do in the following cases




Do not just read notes through, but perhaps make a list of key points


Some people find it helpful to use memory aids such as memorizing a trigger word which is associated with a 'chunk' of information, making a trigger word out of the initial letters of key points or names, or finding a way of visualizing information.


Don't work in or on your bed - keep bed for relaxation and sleep.


If you stick to a regular bedtime and getting up time, it will be easier to maintain good sleeping patterns.





Examination day should be planned before hand so that you can take things gently in order to conserve your energy for the exam.


Eat breakfast, but do not drink too much liquid! If you have spare time, do something you find relaxing - have a bath, go for a stroll - and keep away from those whose stress levels are contagious.


Arrive at the exam hall comfortably in time but not too early; the tension hanging over this short period of waiting just before the exam is highly contagious you should try minimizing your exposure to it!


It is natural to feel some anxiety when you go into the examination room. Use the few minutes before you are allowed to begin to do some simple relaxation ; sit back and separate yourself mentally from those who are getting stressed.





Read the exam paper through slowly. When you have chosen, your questions read them twice to make sure you have understood and not misread the question. If you are allowed to do so, underline key words or phrases in the questions.


Answer the correct number of questions and divide your time equally between them - or according to the marking scheme if questions have different weightage.


Take regular 'micro-breaks’: whenever you pause at the end of writing a paragraph or stop to think for a moment put your pen down and sit back, even if it is just for a moment.


In an examination situation, it is not uncommon for one's mind to go blank for a moment, or to be confused by a question put in an unfamiliar way. At these times, it is easy to begin to panic. This is likely to take the form of doom-laden thoughts as well as physical symptoms such as feeling your heart racing, feeling faint, hot or sweaty. Although these symptoms are disturbing, perhaps even frightening, they are in fact very common and are not at all dangerous.


Do not give lengthy answers but be brief, Write the answer in points.


Always try to attend 100 marks but don't lose heart if you are not able to attend 100 marks.


Solve the problems step by step including as many working notes as possible as each step carries separate marks and make it clear where all you are making assumptions





Before the day of the exam, it can be a good idea to decide what you are going to do immediately after the exam ends.


Standing around and joining in with others' delight or dismay is always discouraging.


If you have something already planned, you can simply leave others to do the post-mortem, while you go and Prepare for the next exam.


If you are exhausted, some food or a sleep may help; if you are still wound up, go for the meditation for a few minutes.


If you are going to meet up with someone, you could agree with them that you will only talk about the exam for 5 minutes - or even not at all.





For any Query you can contact me @ gundalamk @ gmail.com


For any query you can send me P.M, my profile in CCI http://madhukiran.caclubindia.com

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