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Introduction: In present professionals career scenario, all of us we are looking for an additional qualification course which will be help to our main professional area. Also in competitive and changing environment some of the additional course which require to adjust the changes. In this article I would like to enlist some of the points which need to take care while choosing the additional qualification course.


1. Which is in Allied areas: Every professional might have very strong in their core or main areas  so if we choose the additional course also in the same main area will not give much effective and not much useful to do the additional course, so choose the courses which will be boost your knowledge in allied areas. Also it will reduce the study of the same subjects again and again, so select the course in allied areas.

2. Which develops additional skills: As a professional, strong knowledge in our area is usual and also as student we may have many opportunities in developing the main subject skills. So while selecting the additional course we can select the course which develops our additional skills and interpersonal skills. This will be very useful to our professional career.

3. Which has short duration: Generally while core area course having long duration which may be more than 2 years. But selecting the additional course we can choose the short duration courses. It will be very much useful to students those who are studying big courses and give time also to study the main courses and in case professionals normally  very busy in their works and job, such as case short duration courses are very effective.

4. Which improve latest knowledge: Knowing latest updates are very important professional career. So while selecting this course we should takes care and select the course which cover the latest update and knowledge. Also select the training type of course which help to our regular job and work is very useful.

5. Which give cost effective: While selecting additional course we can considered the cost effectiveness on that, paying high price and attending only for certificate is not good. So we need to select the course which will have useful to your money.

6. Which offered by good Institution: Select the courses which offered by reputed professional organizations and institutions, this will make your additional qualifications also very productive and proud.


Conclusion:  Selection of additional courses in normal course. But if we considered the above points will help you to make your additional course is effective and efficient.



Thank you

 CMA. Ramesh Krishnan



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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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