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In continuation of my previous article titled ‘Your Personality – It can make you or break you’, wherein, I had discussed the ‘must have’ of a noticeable personality right from being yourself, dressing to impress, being opinionated and approachable, having a good sense of humor, being generous, outgoing, honest and having a hobby; here are some additional ‘must have’ of a noticeable personality –

Just like when we were young and we painted things how we wanted them to be portrayed e.g. When asked to paint a Rainy day – we painted a sleepy sun with round eyes and a naughty smile, clouds with flying birds (though it was a rainy day- we had the sun and the clouds and the birds all together), river flowing the mountains and greenery all over.

We painted a little house with two windows at the sides and the door that had a sloping lane with ladders. The roof was a slanting one too (like we had in the old times). We painted people with colorful umbrellas (don’t know what those people did there standing right next to their houses in the rains with their umbrellas on. May be they enjoyed more standing there outside, rather than being in their houses). And sometimes the umbrellas looked bigger than the people.

So this was our imagination of a rainy day as children in our early childhood. We painted all fancy stuff so that it looked beautiful. As children we understood that we had to paint our imagination the way we wanted it to be portrayed.

Similarly, as we grow up we need to paint our personalities the way we want it to be portrayed!

So this topic today!

Additional ‘must have’ of a good personality

Communication Skills

Follow the 5C’s principle while communicating

  1. Clarity- Keep it clear
  2. Conciseness- Maximum information in minimum words
  3. Concreteness- Be specific and definite
  4. Correctness- Accurate and true
  5. Completeness- Half knowledge is always dangerous and so is incomplete communication

To do:

  1. Know who you want to address
  2. Know your topic well
  3. Believe what you speak
  4. Clarify, if need be
  5. Use simple language
  6. Avoid use of too many jargons [effective communication isn’t about using too many jargons. It simply is putting across the desired information in the desired manner]
  7. Read newspaper
  8. Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings across the world
  9. Try to learn at least one new word every day
  10. Write down your ideas. This will help you convey it better
  11. Polish your communication skills and use it as an advantage

Power Dressing:

• What if you are at a place where others are as good as you?
• Same qualities, similar knowledge/qualification and similar communication traits
• So what comes to your rescue then?
• Power-Dressing it is!
• Give extra time and energy in having an edge over others
• You may not even realize but wearing a Tie or a Blazer or just carrying that extra Handkerchief or carrying a nice pen do always earn you some brownie points
• Power dressing is putting in some extra effort
• And it comes to your rescue when you don’t really expect
• So power dress and use it as an advantage

Develop a signature style

• What is a Signature style?
• It is displaying your best personality traits
• Show why you are unique
• Make known how you differ from others
• Use an ‘adjective’ for people to remember you

Say for an example: When I address myself, instead of saying - Hi, my name is Jaya. What I will do is- Say it in a bit positive manner like - Hi I am ‘Jovial’ Jaya. So ‘Jovial’ is my adjective. Just one word can change the other person’s opinion about me.

To do:

  1. Develop your adjective
  2. Use it wherever possible
  3. Do not use the adjective if it doesn’t really go with your attributes/qualities
  4. Do not say that I am ‘Hardworking’ Harish if you are a Lazy Lad
  5. Be true. Be true to yourself and the other person as well

Know how you are perceived


• While talking slang can sometimes seem cool, it is not really so
• You need to know your audience before you speak
• Always have respect for the other person
• When you feel respect, it will show in your words and actions and that is exactly how the other person will take it
• Mind your words
• Do not say what you don’t mean
• And say things exactly how you mean them
• Use slang wisely [know where it will be okay and where not]

Chipped nail paints:

• This is something which many of us tend to avoid (for females)
• So is it really a small thing? No it isn’t!
• Because how you take care of yourself is important for others to know if they can assign you something or have that faith that you will do it proper
• Chipped nail paints are an indication that you don’t give yourself enough time and consideration
• Hence, is important to pay attention to ‘oh I seem small but I may not be really so’ things

Unpolished or improper shoes:

• The first thing people sub-consciously notice about you are your shoes
• You might be wearing those ‘not so proper shoes’ as you were late/you had other important things to do. But how is it perceived?
• In the business class, it is perceived as even if you will do 95 % of the work assigned to you very well and accurate, but for that last 5 % you will mess up.
• Just like you dressed just right and perfect for the occasion. But for the shoes!

Well! This is all for today- To summarize,

  1. Your communication skills are extremely important
  2. Power Dressing distinguishes you from the rest
  3. Signature Style! Have it like you have a name
  4. Grooming does matter. Little things talk volumes about you

With this message I conclude – ‘Paint Your Personality The Way You Want It to Be Portrayed’!

Hope it helps.

The author is a Company Secretary and has a great interest in writing and she can also be reached at


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