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Our present, future and past depends, only upon the decisions, we take at present. However our present decisions always get influenced from many elements and environmental situations. A person at any point of time has a bunch of alternative decisions and all those alternative decisions have their positive as well as negative impacts on the present as well as future life.

Alternatively we can say that every alternative decision has short term and long term impacts upon the person's life, which shall either, be negative or positive, favourable of unfavorable or a mixed one.

It is general human tendency that they accepts the positive effects of the decisions as their achievements but rejects negative effects of their decisions beneath the shield of the excuses, sometime on luck, sometime on environment, some time on the other personals involvement, but they forget that the shield of these excuses works like a wood worm, which eats the entire personality of the person and make tem empty slowly over a period of time and the person get finished, if corrective measures are not taken.

If we think about why person takes excuses on unfavorable impacts of his decisions then we found that more than 90% of the decisions taken by a person during his lifetime are not taken by his own free mind, these are the decisions which are highly influenced by others, having direct involvement on the decision making process, including a lot of other environmental factor.

Thus when the person gets positive or favourable expected impact of the decision taken, they don't appreciate himself fully. Internally they increase their faith on the others elements then his own capabilities and don't become fully satisfied from the results.

On the other hand when the person gets negative or unfavorable impact of the decision taken they don't even think on the genuine reasons of the unfavorable or negative results, instead they blames others.

In both the situations the person remains frustrated, sad, unhappy and unsatisfied. It increases the stress level in his life and frustrates the object of joyful life of the person.

So what I personally think is, it's better to take our own decisions, independently, after proper analysis of positive and negative impacts of the alternative decisions. We should always follow the rule of "OUR LIFE, OUR DECISIONS". Because if we got expected favourable results (present, future or both) then we are in position to give full credit for ourselves, which finally give full satisfaction to us, but if we don't get expected favourable results and have to deal with the unfavorable results, then  we are in position to held only ourselves (no any other excuses) liable for the outcomes of the decisions taken,  it helps to remove our internal deficiencies, which finally helps us to cope better with the unfavorable impacts. It makes us stronger, better and sharper than the earlier and thus improves our personality.

If we held only ourselves liable for our decisions then the chances of getting out from the unfavorable results of those decisions became higher, because if we know our demerits then we can remove them and improves ourselves, but if we take excuses then our personality gets degraded, so friend I just want to say once again, "TAKE YOUR DECISIONS, BY YOURSELF."


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