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Well Friends I am here again with my article on exam anxiety which� all of us ( who are desperately waiting for November 2010 CA Final exams ) are suffering. NEXT FRIDAY IS THE GOLDEN DAY FOR MANY OF US.

< >Mere lab kuch is tarah se meri and mere jaise kai dosto ki situation ko bayaan karte hain

< >Na raato ko aankho main neend hain ,

< >Na raato ko aankho main neend hain ,

< >aur naa hi din main dil main chain !!

< >Hain kya yaaro aisa jo kar raha man ko bechain

< >Exams to de diye with the best which I could had,

< >Exams to de diye with the best which I could had,

< >But what to do with the ICAIs bad record track!!;(

< >Dosto I know the situation of each and every student who is waiting for 21st January as everybody is passed in their own judgement but ultimately dependent on the GODFATHER i.e our respected officials of ICAI to declare them PASSED.

< >Some of the symptopms of exam stress are

< >1. Aankhon main neend nahi fir bhi bed main jaldi jaane ka man karta hain.:/

< >2. Khuli aankho se sapne dekhne main maja ata hain. The most common dream which everybody is dreaming of is what they will do first after Being CA . Many people would have already made a list of people whom he would deliver a box of sweets after Being a CA.

< >3. Anjaani si butterfly feelings in the stomach. Seems like what to do to heal this.

< >4. Kisi kaam main man nahi, na movie main na hi surfing main aur na hi office k kaamo main.

< >5. Dil chahta hain ki kaise bas 21st ki wo morning ajaye , jab PC mere hath main ho and PASSED against my roll number dikhaye.:)

< >6. Jo log bhagwan ko kam yaad karte the unhone ab at least yeh kaam jyada karna shuru kar dia hain !! Bhagwan ji pass karwa dena pls pls pls ?? yeh mantra ka jaap din main at least 100 bar to jarur karte honge.

< >Waise it is important to note that the symptoms are similar to the guy/gal who falls in love for the first time in their life !!!

< >Ha ha ha ha !!

< >Well there is fun in this stress as well! When after 20-25 years we might be watching our children getting tensed before their exams, this will really remind of the days which we are having today. For the sake of fulfilling our role of parents we will definitely say beta tension nahi lete but at the same time we cant ignore how tensed we were used to be at our time !!:D

< >But a smile in our face will surely come ..!!:)

< >Well the day we have joined This CA course we all must had a single dream in our eyes to see CA.. as our name. Now this is the time which can really make this happen. But Alassss. What ICAI gonna do buddy ? Will they show again 3% to 6% result this time ?

< >Why ICAI harass us ? is the most common discussion I have seen on this CLUB !!

< >Dosto I want to suggest some of the facts on this result stress, I do not say that I am not stressed but at the same time we need to look at other things as well !!

< >I hope you all people will relate yourself yourself with my article to certain extent.

< >1. Dosto Game and professional exams main ek banda jit ta hain to dusre ko harna hi padta hain.� Yeh 12th ya 10th ke boards nahi hain jinme jitney pass hote hain unko kar diya jata hain. Waise Iam strongly against the saying that ICAI MANIPULTES RESULTS TO PASS LESS CANDIDATES. This can be proved if you analyse the efforts of students after watching their results. I had checked result of around 1500 students of may 2010. To my shock almost 5% students leave the exam in between or do not appear for both groups while they had filled the form for both.;)

< >Minimum 40% students had marks below 20 in any one subject which shows how poor they were with the concepts.

< >On the passing side I was shocked that maximum of the students who have passed were on exact 400. It proves that ICAI manipulates results but in positive sense only.

< >Those people who were above 400 but could not pass were due to blunder in any one subject in which they had less than 30 marks.

< >I think all of us know that how we have take our exams still we are ready to blame ICAI to any extent if they do not pass us. The proof are all the threads which were written and shared after may 2010 results.

< >2. What we all want? A good career after CA I guess? Think if all the candidates who appear get passed then what will be the value attached with A CA!! Just alike a bcom graduate he has to roam around here and there to get a 10,000 bucks Job.

< >Instead of this I think this will be far better attitude to accept our DEFEAT in positive sense. And taking it as one more opportunity granted to wide our knowledge base.

< >Most of us are going to end our academic career here only and I guess this is the last chance to study and get ourselves educated just alike a CA should be.

< >3. Some people relate LUCK for getting passed in ca examinations . I define luck as the sweet reward given by ALMIGHTY GOD for the hard work done by a person.

< >All persons who have achieved something in their life are there at top due to their hard work only. Take example of our favourite Sachin Tendulkar. Does he scores a 100 in each match ? Is he really Gods favourite child ? What he eats that he plays so well ?

< >Very few of us know that how hard he used to practice at his school time. He was near to loose his left eye sight when once hit by a leather ball. Still he played in that match with left eye bleeding.

< >It is he only who scored a century in a match after the sudden death of his father in world cup 1999.

< >He sacrificed his studies although he used to be a good student in his school.

< >That is his confidence in himself and his hardwork which motivates him to play again in the next match after getting down at a low score! Otherwise if he had been a normal guy� he might had thought of doing suicide after being hooted by his home audience in vankhede Mumbai.

< >I just want to advise all of you that do not think of ending your efforts if u do not get passed just carry on and challenge yourself with the confidence that YES I CAN DO IT. ALL WHAT I NEED IS SOME MORE EFFORTS.

< >4.���� People pray to get them passed but� I think the right prayer to the God is to GIVE US WHAT WE DESERVE.� This will surely ease the Job of Our ALMIGHTY.:)

< >Waiting for results will help us get better at relaxing with uncertainty and stop us from filling the information gap with our lovely imaginations and anxieties. When we stop scaring us about results then life can really become so much comfortable again !!:D




< >CA (final) CWA ( final ) B.Com

P.S : Please do comment if you wish to make or advise anything. Sorry for not being that much professional and using Hindi but this is how I guess I can best describe what I am feeling right now.:)

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