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New Rules Open Doors to Global Investment

CA Divyajeet Singh Sabharwal , Last updated: 29 January 2024  

A watershed moment has arrived for Indian companies seeking to tap into the vast pool of global capital. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)'s newly introduced Companies (Listing of Equity Shares in Permissible Jurisdictions) Rules, 2024, coupled with recent amendments to the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), are paving the way for seamless foreign investor engagement and trading of Indian company shares on international stock exchanges

This dynamic duo of regulatory reforms promises to propel Indian companies into the global spotlight, offering them unprecedented access to international investors and propelling their growth trajectories.

New Rules Open Doors to Global Investment

Unveiling the Game-Changer: The Companies Rules

The Companies Rules, 2024, mark a paradigm shift in India's approach to capital raising. The rules empower both unlisted and listed public companies to issue securities for listing on recognized stock exchanges in "permissible foreign jurisdictions." This opens a plethora of opportunities for Indian companies:

  • Access to a Broader Investor Base: Traditional domestic listing options are no longer the only game in town. Companies can now tap into the vast investment potential of international markets, diversifying their investor base and attracting specialized funds with a global outlook.
  • Enhanced Liquidity and Valuation: Listing on established international exchanges exposes companies to a larger pool of potential buyers, promoting greater liquidity for their shares. This, in turn, can positively impact their valuation and overall market presence.
  • Global Brand Recognition: Being listed on a reputed international exchange signifies a company's commitment to transparency, good governance, and adherence to international best practices. This elevates their brand image and fosters trust among global investors.

Clearing the Pathway: FEMA Amendments Fuel Foreign Investment

To complement the Companies Rules, the recent FEMA amendments streamline the process for foreign investors looking to participate in the trading of Indian company shares on international exchanges. These amendments include:

  • Simplified Investment Routes: FEMA has laid out clear and concise mechanisms for foreign investors to access Indian companies listed abroad. This eliminates administrative hurdles and fosters ease of investment.
  • Automatic Approvals: Certain categories of investments are now eligible for automatic approval, reducing processing time and ensuring swift access to Indian listed companies for foreign investors.
  • Liberalized Remittance Norms: Simplified repatriation requirements for foreign investors make it easier for them to repatriate their earnings and profits, enhancing the attractiveness of investing in Indian companies abroad.

A Two-Sided Coin: Opportunities and Challenges

While the new regulations present immense opportunities, Indian companies and investors must also prepare for the accompanying challenges:

  • Compliance Requirements: Listing on international exchanges necessitates adherence to stricter compliance standards and regulations. Companies must invest in building robust compliance systems to remain compliant.
  • Investor Sophistication: International investors often have higher expectations in terms of corporate governance and transparency. Indian companies must adapt their communication strategies and governance practices to cater to this global audience.
  • Market Volatility: Global markets are inherently more volatile than the domestic market. Companies must prepare for potential fluctuations in their share prices and develop robust risk management strategies.


The combined force of the Companies Rules and FEMA amendments paves the way for a new era of international investment in Indian companies. This presents a unique opportunity for Indian companies to raise capital effectively, expand their global reach, and achieve new heights of success.

However, careful preparation and a clear understanding of the accompanying challenges are crucial for navigating this exciting landscape. As Indian companies step onto the global stage, their ability to adapt, comply, and excel will determine their success in this new game of international capital.

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CA Divyajeet Singh Sabharwal
(Accounts and Finance Analyst)
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