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Negative Results - What Next?

CA Arpita Tulsyan , Last updated: 18 January 2018  

17th January 2018 - A day which bought smiles on some faces & shattered some!

This is how we define Result Day for a CA student!

As we all know, this is such a professional exam where no one can predict about the result!

Practically, if we talk about it, for those who did not make up this time:

Following are the things, which you can focus on for the upcoming exams:

1. Don't take any decision in Haste. There are many emotions which are going on in your mind after seeing the negative results. Please TRY to keep them under control. Just for 2 days atleast! Let your mind calm down!

2. Once these 2 days pass away, find out your weakness.

3. Try to analyze where are you lacking? Your weak point? Any area where more practice is required. And at the earliest!

4. Give it a fight this time, with a super awesome preparation.

5. There's no point wasting your time in crying and discussing over it again & again!

6. Make a study - schedule and follow it, as if this is going to be 'YOUR ATTEMPT'

7. If you feel, you have got way too less marks than your rational expectation, Go, apply for your answer paper from ICAI!

8. You don't have to repeat the mistakes that you have done in your last attempt

9. Don't keep any subject for the last moment or any chapter in Option etc.

10. Make sure you schedule it in such a way, that you get sufficient time for rest, a pinch of entertainment & rest of the time is used effectively for studies!

11. And just remember one thing, This was just the result of EXAMINATION & not your LIFE!!

All the best for your preparations!!

If you need any guidance/help or if you have any queries, feel free to connect with me on arpita.tulsyan@gmail.com

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