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Dear all,


Very happy to score all India 4th Rank and I owe a lot to CCI. So I have started a series of articles to help PCC/IPCC students in all subjects. This is the first of the lot.

I thought of starting it with my favourite subject TAXATION. Bit of horror for some students but its a source of pleasure for me and I am immensely grateful to my teacher CA Binay Bharti for this. I scored a cool 87 in Taxation and here is what i made out-




1.Notes are a strict requirement . Make a separate notebook and write down various section numbers along with its provision. It will be a boon for you at the time of revision coz you wont need to get back to the book at all.


2. It would be preferable if you can memorise the section numbers. No matter what people say but the truth is it boosts your score. But quote a section number only and only if you are 200% sure about it. Wrong section number can prove fatal to your answer.


3.Better not go for digging into too many questions at this level. Solve the scanner, institute's module and selected questions from a reference book (use Girish Ahuja or V.K Singhania's book).This will be more than enough. Scanner is a must.


4.Keep on revising the sections. Tax is a very slippery subject. Can slip from your mind as well as your marksheet anytime. So needs regular revision. Develop an interest , you will find the journey beautiful.


5.Use only institute's material for Indirect Tax part. Learn the theory word by word and just paste it in your answer sheets. Its very easy and scoring at the same time.



Answer sheet-




1.Start with theory answers. Hope your handwritings are legible .(Handwriting need not be beautiful but decent).You might get confused in practical part if you start with it coz of nervousness. So start with some theory till your nerves settle coz its a boiling hot exam environment. Try to present the answer point wise.


2.Stretching and Shrinking-Many times in theory answers we  don't have much to write but try and learn the trick to adjusting the answer according to the marks allotted. Suppose a question is for 4 marks having just a 2 line answer. The evaluator also knows this fact but even if you write only those two lines the  he might give you just 2 or 2.5 marks. So learn how to stretch and shrink an answer giving no scope to the evaluator.




1.Solve it neatly. Working notes must be clear - as clear as possible. No need of decoration but cleanliness is always preferred.


2.Try and solve 100 marks paper. The evaluator is in a completely different mindset when he sees a 100% solved answer sheet. Possibility of failing is almost washed away.




The practical questions designed by ICAI have high probability to make us fall into trap. Its tricky and even the best of the best don't get 100% correct solution on most occasions.


In Practical answers--if you have time then mention the provision along with the section number in working notes. It will work wonders. Even if your solution is 50% wrong your provisions can fetch you 90% marks. It works and it works wonders. Because the teacher is assured that the students has the knowledge.


I did it in each of my answers. I was so scared of it working but we all have the result in front of us. So give it your best shot. Good luck.





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