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1. It should not dismantle the basic values of respect as a human being.

2. Mainly, it should not be felt that we deceive our parents.

3. It should not disturb your career-however your career prosper when you are in relation the same must be continued.

4. We must be proud to be related with the person.

5. The steps of trusting should last long.

6. We must be able to swap the feelings so that the value of the feeling must not be lost. What I mean is if it is a feeling of hatred let the hatred be a hatred but let that must be a feeling to share but not a real hatred which disturbs their lives.

7. Retrospect yourself not only the way you observe in others but also the way you deserve.

8. Learn to give respect and teach how to give respect if they do not know.

9. Give any three chances to listen to their mistakes first until they say that is their explanation.

10. If you feel or in a position to show them a good path, take the first step to help them because they trusted you.

11. Give a trust that emotions can be shared as if they share with your parents.

12. Give a trust that they can feel better with you when they are not in the relation even.

13. Never let them feel the change in your behavior.

14. If you learned that the person you trusted were blamed by others, first try to think of the reason why it was happened so. Give them the freedom to share the reason for the conviction.

15. A well - equipped silence is more eloquent than speech.

16. When you spell the name of the person, there must be a charm of notion which is spellbound. The name that you spell should give the first strike of idea as the good.

17. Give the utmost probability of good first and belittle the generated wrong impression that was imported on them (if so) where your intrusion is not direct.

18. A cordial relation is that the benignity of the truth must be learned and taught.

19. An honest relation leaves something useful when left but a useless one takes all the way to be left.

20. It's better to stop a relation if it seems to spot your parents name and fame even it is hurting but never blame anybody because such a situation arises only when mistakes are there from both the sides.

21. Don't comment anybody because your silence makes them speak to themselves. He/she will understand if they know you in deep.

22. Orthodox controlling is that when a dismantling environment is before you, you must follow the real constraints.

23. Trusting is a big penance where we should do concentrate. Never encourage an outsider he/she may leave u at the time u need but your blood relations never do.

24. Expectation reduces the essence of joy.

25. Assailing with pretty comments never sail the journey of life.

26. A wise foe persists more than an annoying friend.

27. An honest grin on a persons face tells what they are.

28. Never prefer to refer a missed chance.

29. An invalid value does not satisfy a relation in mathematics same as in life also.

30. Hurt others only when you accept the same.

31. Realization is produced from a better experience out of a bitter happening.

32. Emotions are valuable, preserve them carefully to hand over it to a person trusted not only by you but also by your family.

33. An action tells you what you are, no need of explaining about ourselves. Never make fun of others even they are sportive in taking the things, it may hurt them at the time of departing.  

34. An unspoken conspicuous promise is better than an inconspicuously spoken faith.   

35. It is not important how you start a good relation, it is pertinent what you learnt from it.
36. Trust a distrust to learn the mistrust.
Grateful if the said points help anybody and apologies if wasted your valuable time.

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