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CA Madhukiran Reddy , Last updated: 14 April 2011  

Although this is a Professional website but all of you are my dear friends now. So, I wanted to share my personal LOVE story (currently running) with all of you.

So, Let’s start a ride into my personal life. Before going check your seat belts once.


On 28th July, 2008 I saw her for first time. At that time I am doing my intermediate. She belongs to different institute. I said to my friends I liked her very much “If I want to marry I will marry only that girl”. Many of my seniors and friends paused for a while and told please don’t attract to her. For you it is very difficult to get her. But I have a confidence on me I went to the seniors who are there in her institute; many of them also said that “She is very beautiful and good too. But it is very difficult to her; we all also tried to her and some people are still trying”. I kept these words aside I didn’t take those words to my mind also I remembered only those words “She is beautiful and good too”.

Then I went directly to my parents with a shaking voice. Firstly they said no. Go for the girl which we decide. I said Pappa Mamma No, I can do that and also I explained them about her goodness, beauty also if I marry her life will settle and my future will be in colours. Then they convinced a little bit. Later understood her and encouraged me a lot, because her beauty is unexplainable in words also I can settle when I catch her LOVE. This builds my confidence double and I am in the feeling that “No one is there to stop me now”.

Then straightly I went to her and talked with her for first time. She is very good, I liked her in my first meet itself…

When our friendship is becoming stronger, I knowing that it is really difficult her.

Finally I proposed her on 21st June, 2009 she said “Hey you met me only six months back how can you say that anyway I want a time to decide.”

I said take your own time (I think that is the mistake I done she took nearly 2 months to decide.)

After two months finally she said O.K to me.

At that time my feelings were unexplainable. I shared this news with my parents, teachers and friends.

All of them were shocked at that time…. (My friends and teachers thought I can’t but I did it)

Then after my life is in colours with her love…

After some months she said she wants to tell the same with her parents.(Another difficulty starts here)

I said O.K (But some nervous is there in my mind. They will accept me or not?)

They invited me and conducted a test (to know that is I correct person to her). I succeeded in that test too….

This time my relatives also shocked… (Humor: I am giving shocks to all people around me)

So, what next I asked her (I mean shall we marry)

She said “what is hurry now, our relationship is too small now we will spend some more time by way of dating.”

I said why ?

She Said “Because she wants to experience LOVE”

My feeling at that time “Oh… Hufff….”

I asked how many months?

She said years!!! (With smiling face)

Years? O.K How many years?

She said 3 years

Oh my god I can’t wait till that time but what to do no choice!!!

I asked her “Are you sure after 3 years we are going to marry ?”

She Said “YES”


So friends up to now 10 months is completed (without knowing the time with her LOVE)

We are engaged now. After another 2 years we are getting married.

This is my first INVITATION to all of you.

This is my love story friends. How is it?

I want to Thank to My Parents for giving such a nice girl and encouraging me a lot.

Ok friends

Bye for Now !!!



Oh Shit I forgot to say her name right…

Her name is








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