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Medicine approach for ISCA

on 21 July 2016


First of all thanks a lot for the kind feedback on my previous post "Lost and Found". I feel humbled by your response and would have liked to thank each one of you individually but I am still not well-versed with it.

Let me be frank and honest, I am not some Baba or Gyaani who is showering his knowledge to all of you. I am like you all or may be less than that. I struggled day in and day out to find a way to success without any coaching.

There's a subject ISCA Paper 6 which used to trouble me the most, like most of you are facing. I used to clear three subjects COST, DT, IDT quite comfortably but ISCA always used to give that FAIL mark on my marksheet. I got exemption in costing which helped me too to clear it and gave me an extra day as I was taking both groups.

Seriously I didn't like ISCA. Like many of you, I hated its existence and was waiting for the day when ICAI would scrap, but unfortunately that day didn't come. Here's how I changed this subject to my liking.

I found out that I was not willing to study it. So, i decided to take a medicine approach. No, its not mentioned somewhere. I created it and followed it.

Before explaining it, let me ask you something.

How many of you actually like to take medicine? No one i know, but when you are ill you have to take it, right? Doctor advises you to take it at a proper time.

Now assume failure as an illness and ISCA as a medicine. You can't get well without taking medicine and in the same way, you can't become CA without succeeding in ISCA. I made a separate time table for it. Like a doctor advises that you have to take this medicine before lunch or dinner, I treated this ISCA like this only.

Every day I used to read it before lunch. I made it a practice, that I have to read it that way. I didn't like it, but prepared my mind according to it. I had made one promise to myself that I won't eat food till I revise ISCA for one hour. So I made it a habit of sorts to read it.

And eventually, the marks which were hovering around 32, 34 became 50. I was well prepared before exam still the previous failures of ISCA spoiling my result used to bother me and I ended up 15-20 marks short which I thought I could have if I had not panicked while doing exam.

So take this fear out. It applies for any subject that bothers you. If you don't like it then treat it as a medicine, which you will have to take.

I know some of you might find it absurd, but if this article could help even a single student who is struggling with some particular subject, my purpose will be solved.

So just relax and do your best. 

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