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Watching Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan’s movie is always special. The recent movie Dangal is one step ahead as always. After watching Dangal, anyone can identify some managerial skills, anyone can get motivated. I am giving few points which I observed while watching the movie as a managerial lessons. Let’s have a look.

Goal in Life: Setting the goal i.e. Gold for India was his goal. He didn’t change his Goal even though the path was difficult. He sets his standard high while selecting the Goal. He did everything to achieve it. This is the most important things in life.

Once we set the goal, we need to fully devote our life to achieve that Goal, whatever may be the reason.  We need to fully utilize the capabilities and capacity properly with our current resource. We should not divert from our target. We can utilize different skills to achieve the same. We need to change our strategy depending upon the situations. Sometimes we need to change our thought, strategy and path to achieve the goal. We should not change our goal if the path is difficult.

Identifying the Capabilities: When his daughters beat 2 boys from his village due to misbehave, instead of scolding them; he asked why and how they did it. After listening/ reviewing their activities, he found that wrestling was in their blood and he made the plan that his daughters have the capabilities to become the wrestler and to get Gold for India.

In the same way we need to find the strength and weakness of ourselves and for our team member. Only few people will be able to find our strength in us, who can identify the hidden quality in us. This is most important to know our capabilities and where we should focus mainly to achieve our goal. Most of the people don’t get success as they don’t able to identify their strength and weakness.

Out of Comfort Zone: He took all the efforts and implemented the best strategy to bring his daughters out of comfort zone to achieve the Goals. He made them to change their Life style.

When we want to achieve our Goal, we need to come out of the comfort zone and to work hardly in discipline manner.

Fear Out of mind: When his daughter first went to do wrestling with Boys, she chose the best opponent and in result she lost the match while won the heart of all with her skills. It was the sign that she had no fear on the result.

We must remove fear from our mind at first before doing anything. At first we must win in mind game before winning the game actually. Once we remove the fear from our mind, we can focus fully and can perform well, which will lead to success.

Handle Obstacle / Peer pressure: When all the villagers were opposing and laughing at him, he was not listening to them. He side lined all those things which created obstacle in his journey to Goal. His focus was on the goal not on the obstacle or social pressure.

When we do something different and new out of box; people use to oppose it and laugh at. They use to tell us as Crazy as in movie. So don’t listen to their negative things. We should just focus on our Goal. Once we get success the same people will praise us.

Capitalizing Individual Strength: To achieve the goal, he was focusing to the Individual strength of his daughter, when to defense, when to attack He was able to identify the strength and how to use it and capitalize it to get the success.

W must focus on our natural skills and strength to achieve our target. When we focus on our natural strength, it becomes easy to capitalize it and to get the meaningful results .

Short Term Goal for Long Term Goal: He was not diverted from the Main Goal when his daughter achieved and got the success from National Sub Junior, National Junior, and National Champion in wrestling. He took the short term Goals as the steps to achieve the Long term Goal i.e. gold for India. Finally he achieved it.

We need to plan our life in similar way. We need to fix the main Goal. And To achieve that Main Goal, we need to break it into multiple Short Term Goal.

Practical and Realistic: He was very practical, when to do defense and when to do attack. Based on the situation and opponent, he was changing the strategy.

We should be always realistic and to implement the strategy to take the benefit of situation. We should act based on the situation. We need to change our strategy whenever require to achieve the target.

Belief and Confidence: In life there will be so many ups and downs will be there. We do well when someone really believes and motivates in us, even when we don’t believe in ourselves. Surrounding with these types of people will add a lot of value in our life. Have some friends, people who will motivate us and who believe in us always.

All these points are my way of looking at the movie in addition to the entertainment.


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