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Last time when I posted here, someone told me that my life was messed up completely. I somehow got offended by that gentleman's post who was cribbing about his career at the age of 27 and I just deleted my account from here. Reason of his observation was quite clear. I had crossed 30 and was struggling badly. I just wrote about it because I wanted to tell him that things can go worse too.

Now let me tell you something about myself.

I never wanted to be a CA. After completing my college I was working here and there as clueless person who was told about this course which doesn't require much money. I wanted to be a writer but didn't know from where to start. So I first enrolled in this course. It was after missing PCC by 4 marks, then 5 marks I realized I was against something very difficult. It was after 5 attempts that I finally managed to clear it. Then I enrolled myself in training. During training I wrote by first book "Morning before sunrise" and a reputed publisher showed interest immediately. I without any knowledge of the publishing process agreed to it and what followed were 3 years of rigorous torture. That publishing house was not publishing my book and was not allowing me to go to other publishers without its consent. 

Meanwhile on the CA front I completed my training and went for CA final; again missing it by few marks. I was pissed off badly and started working, along with it I did MBA off-campus after clearing the entrance from a reputed University. It was then I realized the difference between CA and CA inter. So I decided to give my job a break and entered studies again. I was told that I was doing a stupid thing, I should get married (settled; the term they use for it) blah blah. My Parents backed my decision, so I was secure on that front.

As far as my book was concerned, I was pissed off completely with the publisher as I felt that my work was becoming obsolete. So broke that contract and e-published my book. Along with it, I started doing content writing work.

On the CA front I failed again but got exemption in cost. People were at me. I used to get irritated at times and use to doubt myself. I just cut myself out from the whole world and focussed on this course. And in three genuine attempts I managed to clear this course.

I went without coaching and always took both groups (foolish decision which some would say, yes I feel this way too sometimes).

Let me tell you something very frankly. This course demands a constant hardwork, dedication and focus.

Today I am CA, MBA and a Writer. I have worked as a salesman, as a junior accountant, as a tuition teacher, as a content writer and have traded in securities too. So I am quite well versed with everything now.

I was just an above average student who was clueless about his career.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep as all those days of struggle were coming in front of my eyes. The people who used to curse me for my decisions were showering praises. My life changed suddenly. They used to call my persisting with CA as my stub-borness and now they are calling it as my commitment.

Dear friends, the idea of sharing this was just to tell you that I was not that intelligent like all of you are, nor was I so focussed about this career earlier, but realized with time, the potential this career holds.

It's not about the number of attempts or your age or your grades, it's about how you take failures in your stride and move forward and work hard rigorously. I have seen people who were far more efficient than me, leaving this course mid-way and then cursing it later.

I learnt a lot about life during this period. I know struggles won't end with this too, but somehow I feel secure about my future and glad that I didn't stop when I heard people say that I won't be able to do it. I didn't believed in them but I believed in myself.

If a person like me can do it then all of you who are much more efficient than me can do it too.

Take care :)


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CA Anurag Sharma
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