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Lets take a lesson of CA life


In continuation of previous article

So Mahesh has passed CA now but the journey was not finished

He was not a Member of the Institute even after passing CA !!!


He gone to Institutes Branch for GMCS registration and luckily got a seat. Anyhow he got 15 days leave from his office for GMCS, a too late too little training program for chartered accountants. He thought how can one sharp communication skills and learn management in 15 days. Lectures were too lengthy, very funny and far behind real life. He was felt a college student in himself during the course. The motto of the GMCS was to get the GMCS certificate to apply for Membership. The goal obtained and he applied for membership without COP (Certificate of Practice).


Ahhhh ! Now he was full CA, I mean ACA Mahesh Kumar He went to car number plate makers and ordered to make his name plate and after getting it done, affixed at the door of his house, arre bhai now he is a CA !!!


It was sunny day of the busiest March Month, He went to the cabin of his boss to talk about his salary, which was 12K per month that time. His boss has congratulated him for passing CA and given some specific project work and instructed (Ya ya Ordered) to complete within a week.


He could not talk about the salary, after too much thinking in the night, next day he went to HRD Heads cabin.  He was a good man and listens well to the employees, he was the first person in the organization who has congratulated him on the day of result. He congratulated Mahesh once again. He asked about his future plans. Mahesh was blank on plans except coming campus placements. He asked him about salary increment due to attainment of new higher qualification.


HRD Head was already discussed the same with the Managing Director (Maheshs Direct Boss) and the answer was We dont need a CA in our company, anyhow as he attained a higher qualification, a CA qualification, its because of our liberal policy, we have given sufficient time and leave to him for passing CA, we have helped him to get the degree, we will help him again and will increase his salary by Rs. 1000.

So now ACA Mahesh Kumar was getting a salary of 13K per month and Gyanesh, who also got passed in that attempt, was in a CA firm, also getting similar salary of 13.5K after passing CA.


Krish was in a Small CA firm as Audit Manager and getting 9K apart from conveyance, as earlier, he was also a tutor for Accountancy of B.Com., so he was making around 15K per month and was happy.


Hmm, Mahesh was fully prepared for campus placement program and selected companies with full care and concern. But due to his 3 attempt in Final, 2 of the selected companies has rejected him in initial round. As he was a Hindi medium student, got poor rank in group discussion arranged by 3 companies and got rejected. One of the company has selected him upto 3rd round, so he was happy to prepare for the last round, which was personal interview. But his bad luck was scary that day, their quota of selection was filled with the selection of one relative of the interviewer and one friends son of the other interviewer.

The only option was off-campus by putting CV on the table to recruiters there, ICICI Bank has selected him but he got rejected in written test.


He was helpless now, after 3 days leave from office, now back to office and the face was telling the story to everyone.


After getting too much comments, he decided to leave the job as soon as possible. And that was too much, his boss has given one more project work with a deadline, saying that Now you are a CA, try to finish it in less time. Arre yaar, CA ho gya to kya seeng ugh gye kya !!

He has written a resignation letter, a very short resignation letter I want to leave the organization, Pls LEAVE ME.

What !!!

(your comments to previous article has helped me too much write the second part, pls pour more power to write next scene)

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CA. Dashrath Maheshwari
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