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It was a furious day of CA Final Result declaration, he knew that his attempt was far better than earlier attempt but still his heart was beating at a speed alike bullet train.

He was thinking, what if he got fail; he will do his job as usual for next 2 Months and take a leave for one Month to prepare again. And… If he got pass… There are again a question.. Will he get good marks ? If not then he have to do the present job or to get a small accountant type job.. or some company will hire him for 2.5 to 3.5 Lacks per annum?

Yeah, If he will get good marks in some of the subjects being a average student, will he get a job, by considering those subjects, will those subject be useful in attainment of his job responsibilities and future goals. Can he decide his area of interest by the marks acquired?

There was too much complicacy in Mahesh’s mind. Ok, let’s result come out…he thought. Suddenly he got a call, it was his best friend, Krish on another side. Krish said that how to plan for the next attempt, as we both has failed in this attempt. He got shocked, Mahesh aint expected that about himself. Failure of Krish was an expected thing as all the friends knew that he has not done his best, even krish has expected that type of result.

But Mahesh felt too bad about his result, he have taken few urgent decisions like… switched off cellphone;  disconnected landline and boardline; and he decided to not to give exams further more…

It was obvious, He has done his best being in Job, what he could do, he have done, within a Fifteen days leaves period, apart from regular coaching from 7 to 9 in the morning for 3 Months.

It was sudden that one another friend, Gyanesh has not excepted that type of result of Mahesh and he enquired with the Institute, Gyanesh surprised that Mahesh was PASS … He tried to contact Mahesh but failed then he has told to first informer, Krish that he has seen another roll number, as there was a problem in result page, when they have given roll number, the page has shown results scrolling the name of the candidate out of the page.

Anyways, Gyanesh arranged to reach office of the Mahesh and told him result with the print of Mark-Sheet… It was really amusing… Mahesh called to his family first and then to all in the office. He has given small party.


The real Story contd…

(your comments will pour power to write next scene)

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CA. Dashrath Maheshwari
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