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I can recall myself opening the CCI website for as long as I can imagine. Probably from the time I heard two guys talking to each other in the parking lot of a coaching class "CACLUBINDIA mei jana aur jo bhi notes chahiye wo mil jaayenge". However, my busy schedule never allowed me the chance to actually log in and thank the members for sharing their valuable ideas on various technical topics. Today, I decided to give back to the community by sharing some valuable life lessons which if practised might bring miracles. I fell in love with this speaker, writer, businessman, millionaire - only to find out that he wasn't alive anymore. I am the one to blame for lagging behind in my personal growth and other goals. I have invested several hours into learning and applying Jim Rohn’s philosophy. Repeating them for a few days can have life changing consequences.

1. “Don’t get through the day, get from the day” - Jim Rohn considered it absolutely important to reflect back on the day, week, month and the year as time is more valuable than money.

2. “Know when you’ve messed up” - I personally find this most important. One cannot and should not be positive all the time. Jim advised people to remind themselves of the truth by pasting notes everywhere - “You are broke”, “You are 25 and you are broke”.

3. “Affirmations without labor are delusions” - Here again he advised us to act on something as soon as we intend it because of a concept called ‘law of diminishing intent’ - just like we study law of diminishing marginal utility in economics. If we wait too long to get a thing done, it becomes highly likely that we will never do it.

4. “It’s not enough to be inspired as that’s for a second grader - learn something valuable” - You are not paid per hour. You are paid for your skills. I wonder why it took it me so long to realize that.

5. “Don’t ask to change the soil, that’s the only thing you’ve got - change yourself” - He mocked people by asking them to live by their own rules when they get their own planet. For now, this is your only body and this is the only earth available to thrive.

6. “Past is a school. It is not a club to spend time with all day. Be a student, not a follower” The biggest unhappiness is not doing enough, not realizing your true potential and we can do that only by learning from the past and not repeating the mistakes in future.

7. “Work full time on a job and work part time on a fortune” - He calls it ‘the magic of being part time’. He further tells people to do more than you get paid for.

“COULD, SHOULD — don’t, won’t — Disaster

Please forgive me for mixing up the words a bit as I am reproducing them from my personal journal. 


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