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Dear friends,

I am trying to motivate those people who are trying to quit CA after one or two failures in their exam and who always fear criticism from their friends, family, others and hence decide to quit CA.

But we all have to learn from the little master how to face criticism and how to move on from it.

I know you all will be following cricket and Sachin, you may be a Sachin fan or Sachin basher, onething is that you all will agree that this man is shouldering the expectations of 100 crores people in our country and for the past 22 years he has been delivering the goods for our country with same determination and motivation.

He has achieved almost everything in cricket yet he is motivated to continue playing cricket, the critics may argue that he plays for records and also due to a recent slump in form, has even started suggesting that he quit cricket, suddenly the whole nation is throwing their hero down from the top.

Yes it is the real world friends, in this real world no body can escape and people will only salute the people who are at top always, hence never expect any mercy from the corporate world or your family and friends.

They all will be with you when you are successful (except parents) but when you fail they all will criticise you, but here only you need to get motivated from Sachin, as he has seen it all and knows how to reply the critics i.e by scoring 100's and he does it so consistently that when ever stones are thrown at him, he converts them into milestones.

Friends never stop in your life, even after you reach the top, i.e you complete CA ,CS, CWA, MBA or anything in your life but keep working hard to maintain your position in top else this cruel world will always pull you down.

For those who are doing CA, yet finding it difficult to complete and facing the criticism of others, just remember Sachin and start converting those stones into milestones by working harder and completing your CA so that the critics mouth's are shut, also friends we never need to prove to anyone only to ourself and once we have patience and work hard any course is achievable as when we try only we achieve something.

Never react to any criticism but reply with your actions.

Hope you all can take a leaf out of Sachin's motivation, patience, determination and become successful in your life.

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