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Namaste To all my CaClubindianslaugh,

I hereby providing you Ideal Sequence and time that you should devote to your Chapters of the Subject along with Chapter Weightage [Weightage based on Institute ‘s Previously asked Questions] for the Group I -CA Final.

As you all know, last day preparation matters the most. Therefore, We must try to give our 100% in that crucial time. It can give benefit of 10-12 Marks in each subject & help you to clear the groupyes.

This file does not suggest any material as it is LDR Planner. Therefore, It is advisable to refer the Institute Material, notes or any other books from which you have prepared for the exams.

Financial Reporting

Chapter Sequence


Consolidation [5 Questions]

2 Hours [16]

Amalgamation [5 Questions]

2 Hours [16]

Valuation [5 Questions]

2 Hours [14]

VAS, EVA, MFs, NBFC, HRA [10 Questions]

3 Hours [16]

ESOP  [3 Questions]

1 Hour [8]

Accounting for Financial Instruments [ 4 Questions]

1.5 Hours [8]

Accounting Standards [2,4,5,9,15,16,17,20,22,26,28]

3 Hours [36]


1 Hour


  • Accounting Standards are very important but lengthy at the same time. Therefore, We should try to cover all the Important AS which are Frequently Asked by ICAI. I advise you to do it last as if we start with AS we end up with AS only.
  • Try to Finish First Three Chapters on Time.
  • Remember , Start Early Finish Early.

Strategic Financial Planning

Chapter Sequence


Dividend Policy [ Separate Theory may asked for 4 Marks]

1 Hours [8]

Mergers and Acquisition [ Including Theory]

2 Hours [16-20]

Securities Analysis [ICAI Favorite- Bond and Equity]

1.5 Hours [12]

Capital Budgeting and Leasing

2 Hours [12]

Portfolio Management

2 Hour [10]

FDI, FII, IFM, Financial Services in India

1.5 Hours [8]

Mutual Funds

1 Hour [6]

Forex Management

3 Hours [16]


1.5 Hours[4]


Cover All the Concept in above Sequence. Mind well, You can afford to escape Question but not Concept in SFM.

No Need to Do all the Questions on the Last Day, Just go through Concept and do 1-2 Question for practice.

In Exam, It may happen that, The question you have practices comes. Do not try to remember the Answer because it will create chaos. Just read the question and solve it in natural way.

In Theory, Remember the Special Words and Points.

Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics

Chapter Sequence


Professional Ethics

2 Hours [16]

SA- 240,260,265,315,330,505,520,560,620

[To Get Good Marks, Answer Pattern- PM]

3 Hours [16]

CARO, Peer Review, Cost Audit

2 Hours [14]

Audit of Insurance and Banking Co.

Plain Reading [Remember Common Points] Do not waste much time.

1.5 Hours [10]

SA- 402,700,705, Audit Report

[Quick Reading of other SAs]

1.5 Hour [16]

Audit Under Fiscal Laws, Due Diligece

1.5 Hours [8]

Special Audit Assignment

1 Hour [4]

Audit Plannig and Audit Under CIS

1 Hour [6]

Rest of the Chapters & RTP

1.5 Hours [8]


  • To fetch more marks, give references of AS, SA, Companies Act [Section] in all the practice Questions.
  • Write Practice Manual’s Language.
  • Use Mind Mapping Technique for Audit []
  • Solve RTP for New Questions.

Corporate & Allied Laws

Chapter Sequence



1.5 Hour [8]


1 Hour [4-8]

Accounts, Audit, Dividend

2 Hours [15]

Appointment of Directors

2 Hours [12]

Appointment  & Rem. Managerial Persons

2 Hour [8]

Meetings and Board Powers

2 Hours [8]

Money Laundering, Banking, SARFESI

2 Hour [12]

Compromise, Oppression & Mismanagement

1 Hour [12-16]

Winding Up

1.5 Hours [8]

Producer Companies

45 Mins. [5]

Other Small Topics & RTP

1.5 Hours [8]


  • To fetch more marks, give references of Companies Act [Section] in all the practice Questions.
  • Write Practice Manual’s Language.
  • Solve RTP for New Questions.

PS: LDR for Second Group- CA Final is on the waywink.

Best Regards,
Amrit Singh


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