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The ultimate aim of life is not a paycheck.
The ultimate aim of life is not a home.
The ultimate aim of life is not a luxury car.
The ultimate aim of life is not a cash balance or a bank account.

All those are life supporting things. But in reality, most of the people are treating all these things are the main object of their life. And they are foolishly struggling for getting all these things. Then the question arise is that What is the ultimate aim of the life of human being? The simple answer of that is, the ultimate aim of life is living a good & peaceful life.

Why I am writing this article because I received one heart touching feedback for my last article "YOUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING". Today everyone wants a peaceful life without knowing what the peaceful life is. Everyone define it in his own way. If I tell about myself when I was studying CPT I was thinking that after passing CPT I would live for myself. When I cracked CPT in very well in first attempt LIVING FOR MYSELF WAS POSTPONED. Again 12 hours study was there. After passing of PCC one thought come to my mind that after clearing CA Final there is nothing to do anything else so enjoyment is again postponed till clearing the Final exam.

When I became a Chartered I come to know that real struggles are started just now. I didn't get time for self-enjoyment from setting up practice, handling different clients, Banks audit VAT audit, Tax audit. Today still I am busy in all those things.

One day when I was thinking of my past journey from a school student (who could not able to pass in all subjects up to 9th standard) to successful practising Chartered Accountant, I realized that I was living peaceful & ultimate better life through my life journey. Because I comes to know that

1. My career field is chosen by me. No one forced me to choose this line. So whatever I was learning & studying, I was enjoying all those things.

2. I didn't want to be an employee. So my independent practice is there.

3. Today I don't have any work pressure, I don't have any boss. So freedom of work is there. Still I earn handsome money.

4.  Lastly and most important is that my likes and my job or works is same. So I am enjoying my works.

That's why I was and still today I have a peaceful & happy life. In past, my definitions of peaceful life were wrong at all. Today I can say that I am a successful person not because of whatever money I m earning. It is because my work gives me satisfaction, happiness and peace.

Many people put a relationship between Job packages to peaceful & happy life. I think it is wrong at all. For getting higher packages they choose a career path which they don't like at all. They think that if they earn more money, they can complete their desires and desires of family members. Also, they take this higher packaged job for better personal life, good health, healthy relationship and so on. Because of difference between one's like and his job title, they won't get job satisfaction. This affects their personal life also. They start to lose PEACE in their life.

One thing is most important to know that if you are happy then and then only you can keep your family members happy. It is not money that keeps you and your family member happy. Huge money can only complete their desires, it can't make them happy.  Desires are unlimited if you complete one another would take its place.

I know there are some problems of not having sufficient money. But earning too much money won't solve your all the problems. Definitely, there are also some problems of having more money. Only its nature would be changed.

If we are not getting job satisfaction it would affect every aspect of our life i.e. personal life, health, relationship etc.  So choose a work area which you like most. Don't think about returns. In short run, it may give you small returns but in long run, you will be king in that field. It will keep you always happy. You will get better job satisfaction. Your family would be also happy. Altimetry you will get a peaceful happy life as you want.

We all think that we will think that we would do something BIG for happy & peaceful life. That's why we have chosen courses like CA as a career. We thought that after CA, big salary and a respectable job would be offered to us. But you knows the reality. Actual struggle starts from PASSING CA FINAL.

So happiness doesn't come from big things. Real happiness is hidden is small-small things. Learn happiness from children. Always they are seen as a happy. Do you know why? The answer is simple because they don't define what is happiness. They are busy whatever they are having. They live there life in the present. They are not worried about future. They are not afraid of their past. They focus on what they have, and how to use it for happiness.

I know there might be many problems with you. Here is how you solve a problem:

First, Acknowledge the problem.
Secondly, Take responsibility to solve it.
Last, Focus on what you CAN do.

Without problems life is NIL. You must learn to enjoy and solve your problems.

One thing to keep in the mind that life is too short. Spend it carefully. We shouldn't waste our time in running behind the foolish things like huge money, property. We all are born to love. Love your family members, love people who love you, also love the people who hate you. Love those people who are jealous of your success. Love your problems also because of them your life has a meaning and a motive.

Most Important LOVE YOURSELF. If you love yourself the whole world will love you.

Thanking you.

The author is member of ICAI and can also be reached at


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