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ISCA is a nightmare for most of the CA Final students. Reason for this is, it is something different from other CA subjects. There are some students who lose the rank and attempt just because of ISCA. But with a proper preparation strategy and Revision methods, it's easy to get exemption in ISCA. Here I provided some of those methods to prepare for ISCA. ISCA syllabus is not Information Technology subject, we are not expected to be IT professionals, we just study how systems are arranged and how they work and are protected.


1) OVERVIEW: First of all understand the architecture of the chapter and know the learning objectives. Reading all the side headings and drawing a tree diagram for the chapter helps in this regard.

2) CLEAR UNDERSTANDING: Forgot about memorizing and exam point of view. Clearly read the topic by understanding each and every point. After reading a topic, close the book and started writing briefly on notes in your own language. In this way you can give good exercise to your mind and thus improves your memory. Everything gets perfect with practice, memory power is of no exemption

3) VISUALIZE: Visualize the subject to the extent possible. It helps in remembering the concept.

4) SIDE HEADINGS: Spent good amount of time in reading Side headings. In exams if you remember the side headings it becomes easy to write the sub content

5) NOTES: No matter which author book you choose, but take a notes of your own writing the content in simplified and contrasted form. i.e heading and sub headings & imp definitions.


Revision must be started atleast one month before exams.

1) AVOID PARETO ANALYSIS: Selective preparation of certain chapters is really dangerous. There is no fixed weightage in ISCA and there is such thing called Important areas like that. It is better to study 99% subject with 80% perfection than studying 80% syllabus  with 99% perfection

2) REVISE THE BOOK ALONG WITH WRITTEN NOTES: It's not possible to revise the entire syllabus in text book one day before exam. In normal days if you parallely prepare notes along with text book, this creates subconscious links between both of them, if you read the notes entire text in text book relating to such concepts comes to your mind and helps in Revising quickly


Results are based on 50% of our preparation and 50% of presentation. No matter how much we prepared if we didn't present well in exam, we'll fail.

1) GOOD HANDWRITING: Though officially there are no bonus marks for good handwriting, but I can strongly say it has considerable impact on paper evaluator Mind. Garnished Food tastes bit better than normal. Though there is a no link between Taste and It's look, but it has impact on eater's mind. Same thing happens while paper evaluation. So maintain good Handwriting and consistent flow.

2) ANSWER TO THE POINT: Write only what is required as per questions, size of answer doesn't matters. Evaluators look for points they need. They didn't bother about Size of answer.

3) DON'T BOTHER ABOUT PERFECTION: If you know only 3 our of 10 points, don't hesitate to answer it. Try to answer with relevant points on your own. Nobody debars you if yours answer is different from ICAI publications, but don't attempt irrelevant points.


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CA Hari Krishna Gatti
(Self Employed)
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