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Ankur A Mehta , Last updated: 21 November 2011  

Hi to all

I am glad to provide my first contribution to CACLUBINDIA. This is for those CA Final students who are always scared of one subject and that is Information System Control and Audit (ISCA).

My purpose is to just provide you the suggestion for this subject issue. Ofcourse its upon you to follow or not.

First of all, one question is to be answered and that is... Which BOOK should we refer for this Subject? From my personal experience you have the following alternatives:-

1. Study Material (ICAI) - If you have sufficient time.

2. Dinesh Madan - If you have only few days to cover the syllabus.

My personal view is to refer only Study Material as it has no substitute. Questions asked in exams are strictly from study material and from nowhere else. Dinesh Madan seems to be a short book. Some topics are not in detail in that book and some topics are even not covered.

In crux, for better coverage of syllabus as well as MARKS you should go for ICAI Study Material. Take the help of dictionary if you find and difficult word and write it down for paper for future reference. This will create a ability to understand technical words which will help you in future corporate environment.

Now let have a look on how to cover the syllabus. I have divided the syllabus in following 3 scenario:-

1. EASY Chapters

2. Chapter that require proper CONCENTRATION

3. TECHNICAL Chapters

Following Chapters are EASY and you are require to 'learn' the points and 'understand' the details of points:-

1. Chapter 1 (Information System Concepts)

2. Chapter 5 (Risk Assessment Methodologies)

3. Chapter 7 (Enterprise Resource Planning System)

Following Chapter requires CONCENTRATION from your side. So read these chapter only when you are stress free:-

1. Chapter 2 (System Development Life Cycle Methodology)

2. Chapter 6 ( Business Continuity Planning)

3. Chapter 9 (IS Security and Audit)

4. Chapter 10 (Information Technology Act)

Following Chapter are bit TECHNICAL. You may face some problems in understanding these chapter. But never quit. Remember don't leave these chapters because of technicalities. These are important from Exam Point of view:-

1. Chapter 3 (Control Objectives)

2. Chapter 4 (Testing)

3. Chapter 8 (IS Standards and Best Practices)

You may follow the following sequence for covering syllabus. This sequence will surely help you to cover the syllabus with 'interest' in the syllabus:-

1. Chapter 1 Guys I feel that to cover the subject you should know WHAT the subject is about? So I strictly suggest you to FIRST OF ALL complete, learn and understand this Chapter.smiley

2. Chapter 7 This is the easiest chapter of ISCA. You will surely grown up in yourself a wide range of interest for this subject after completing this chapter. Go for it without any doubt (But only after Chapter 1)smiley

3. Chapter 10 As we all know that CA covers the 'Law' topics such as Company Law, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax. This chapter also provides the law related briefings about Information Technologysmiley. HERE I  SUGGEST THAT IF YOU CAN ARRANGE THE XEROX OF THIS CHAPTER FROM PADUKA'S BOOK THEN IT MAY BE USEFUL FOR YOU

4. Chapter 2 This is a big topic of around 60 pages in ISCA Module. But chapter is easy and requires a proper attention from your side. After this chapter you gain a confidence of covering big topic which cover around 10 to 15 marks in exams.cool

5. Chapter 9 Easy Chapter requires concentration. Its a very interesting topic.

6. Chapter 5  Shortest topic in the syllabus. You never comes to know when the chapter starts and when completessmiley However, there is certain definitions in this chapter which you have to 'learn'sad

7. Chapter 8 A bit technical chapter.

8. Chapter 3 Its a RIGHT time to take this chapter. In start you may feel bored of this chapter and sometimes you may even can't understand what the topic want to convey us. But we have to anyways complete this. ONE SUGGESITON I CAN GIVE THAT IF YOU CANT UNDERSTAND THE TOPIC ARRANGE XEROX OF DINESH MADAN AND 'ONLY' UNDERSTAND THE POINT. Its a very big chapter of around 125 pages. But Guys please don't get depressed. Take it as a challenge. See we are in a very enlarge profession and of course its not so easy to complete this. Cover this Chapter at this stage only and you can observe that your challenge is completed with almost full coverage of the ISCA Syllabus

9. Chapter 6

10. Chapter 4 This chapter is about testing of controls. Bit technical but easy to understand.

Now Last but not the Least, Remember that you need no classes of this Subject. Its very difficult to sit in the class and develop interest ot listen what the professors are conveying. Better not to waste time in class and study it at our own only. Subject is a scoring one if you learn with interest and attention.

All the best VEER Jawano

Will come soon with new articles

"Always keep in the mind LAKSHYA KO HAR HAAL ME PAANA HAI"smiley

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