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Corruption, corruption, corruption- is all that we are hearing now. Feels good to see people joining hands to face one of the greatest menaces facing our economy and country at large. As any other concerned citizen I too pondered over measures that are being taken up or are being discussed at large by people in different walks of life. But I will just list down my observations and my recommendation. I just have a basic idea regarding how a small difference can be made by us. But I am no expert and I seek all your support and advice to actually make something happen. So here I go about with it.

No matter what corruption- big or small has to be done away with. But I guess big ones are against which we as common people can’t actually make much of a difference and has to be addressed by people like Hazare, Lokayukta etc. But it is these small ones where we can make a change. What are the reasons for these corruptions, bribery etc?

We are not aware of legal requirements:- Most of the time we visit a government office we opine that it is highly unlikely that anything will get done on the same day, until we pay a ‘share’. Why so? If the working of office is made more transparent then can’t we all know what all documents have to be provided to actually get what we require? How to go about with it? Why can’t we start a web site or anything of that sort which provides the required information to public at large? Yes there are other sites, but a site which actually gives information which is valid and useful. A site, which provides information about each certificate, each service provided by the office, designation of the responsible officer etc. If in spite of all these details, one does not get the required service he should be in a position to question it. One way the officers might try to juice out the share is by red-tapism. Our files may get held up for a very long time. This is where the government will have to pass necessary rules that each employee is set a target of files day wise, week wise etc and we should be given a receipt when an application is given. There should be a log detailing the applications date wise under each office, their present status and reasons if pending. There should be surprise checks so that if there is any unexplained delay it is seen to and explanation sought. One other thing which the employees may resort to is the already huge backlog of files. Ask them the reason and obviously they would claim it is of their predecessors. So the only way out of it is to fix the target for each employee taking the backlogs also in consideration.

We ourselves flaunt the law: - Another main reason I feel responsible for so much corruption around us that we always want to break the rules. As we are caught, we never hesitate to bribe our way out of it. Be it riding without helmet, seatbelt, license or anything of that sort. We should first understand that rules are meant to be followed and not broken. Also in the professional level there are so many who actually break the rules to help their clients. What do you think the all this black money is used for? Of course, for paying to the corrupt people and (as if that wasn’t enough) to fund terrorism.

Exercise the right to vote: - How many of us can actually say with confidence that we have made our contribution towards the election procedure? If we need a government which makes a difference then we need citizens who make a difference. Please understand that these politicians were too one among us. We can’t sit back thinking that we do not have any choice as all the politicians are corrupt. It would be so good if more young people with vigor are brought into politics. People, who dream of a better India rather than filling their, pockets. What difference can we make there and how?

We have a prejudice that the people are corrupt: - I am of the opinion; we should set our prejudices aside that we have to bribe to have even our basic rights satisfied. We should understand that in the present situation people (I mean smaller fishes) are vary of asking bribe directly, so in order to avoid problem they would complete the work normally. But most people deem that the bribe is needed. So understand, this is money that we are talking of. If you don’t show reluctance in paying why should they show reluctance accepting it? No person is born corrupt; it is the power and ease of money which corrupts him. Maybe if given a chance to do something good they would.

Issue new Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 currency notes: - This as suggested by many people before me seems to be a wonderful way to flush out the black money that is circulating in the economy. People will have to show source of income to be issued the new currency. Also just imagine, the estimated fake currency in the economy is estimated to be in tune of Rs. 1.70 trillion. If the present notes are replaced all that black money and the fake currency will be out of the economy. Just imagine the impact. Also I saw many posts stating that if all the black money in foreign countries is brought back to the Indian economy then prices of petrol, diesel etc will decrease. But always remember that when so much money is brought to the economy, buying power of people increase. This will be suicidal for the country. What can India do? Pay off the debts then pull out the rest from circulation. I really don’t have any idea if this is feasible. But I think this is the best way and the most drastic way to curb the rising inflation and most our miseries.

Understand the need for respect: - The government as they claim is the representative of the people. They enjoy the power to make a difference. Any movement which expects to force the government into submission is highly misguided. Also the government should never neglect the feeling of the people at large. What did the government possibly think while agreeing to Delhi Police’s demand for Anna’s arrest? There should be more learned discussions. I am not saying much on the Jan Lokpal or the government lokpal as I am sure it will invite lot of heat. But I don’t advocate any of them. That is what discussion is for.

We can make a difference: - No matter for how many hours we discuss all the matters hindering our development, in the end we all split thinking nothing can be done. It is a vicious circle. Yes it is a vicious circle, but remember there was a beginning hence there is also a way out. We were not born corrupt. WE, each of us can make a difference. However small. Just remember to do what you deem fit. The call is yours. Be a part of a changed India or live in the same India with a rotten system blaming all others for our hardships.

Friends, I didn’t want this to be a preachy article. But as the article progressed I couldn’t help but think that it is not just the civil society, Anna Hazare, Politicians etc who can make a difference, it is US too. We should do something. Let us discuss. Share what we know, what we feel. Each advice, each suggestion counts.

Hope I have not hurt the feelings of anyone. Please understand that I am sick and tired of our inaction. This is a first time article by me on this subject. If you read this long it means that you actually want to make a difference. Have ideas? Please share them. And thanks for bearing this long and preachy write up.

Jai Hind


Published by

Ashish Toms
(CA Final)
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