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Increasing effect of Internet and Social Media

on 07 April 2021


The Internet and Social Media has revolutionary effects in our day to day life.

It is a revolution of information technology that has made a tremendous change in our life as well as society. It has simplified the Human connection which earlier was not possible. Everything becomes so accessible through the use of the internet as the vast majority of the population used social media for getting information.

It has changed our Perspective so far that our Way of living has become so convenient now. Every information is very easily available to us.It has created a great impact not only in our Personal life as well as professional life too. Our Mental thought and behaviour are so influenced by the use of social media.

We are so enabled that we can get any kind of information as per our choice at any point of time whether it is entertainment, news and related to any stream of life. Social media has a far-reaching effect on commercializing our knowledge.

But like everything it has Flipside too.

With the emergence of social media, it has become so easy to track anyone's personal information which ultimately encouraged cybercrime or hacking.

On one hand, social media helped us to improve our social connections but on the other hand, it also created a social disturbance as many people are using this platform to create a social disturbance by misusing their personal data or information and attempting to threaten the people.

Many people at all ages especially youngsters consider the use of social media as a status symbol. With the availability of millions of information just at one click lose our attention span which results in a lack of concentration and focus of mind.

Increasing effect of Internet and Social Media

Somewhere the increased effect of social media diminishes our Physical bonding.

Everyday thousands of applications and websites are created which encourage the professional in their employment but at the same time by giving fake advertisement or fake news from un-authentic sites it has created a kind of misconceptions amongst the people.


Thousands of online shopping sites are so easily available and access to our hands therefore Craze of online shopping is going to increase day by day and people are not taking care of their valuable money that ultimately turns into a costly exercise.


Disclaimer: The intention of writing this Article is just informative in nature and spreading awareness and highlighting the twin side as well.

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