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It's been quite a while that we all CA aspirants started our journey from CPT/direct entry as the case may be. This journey apart from studies have many other important aspects and one such professional training is ORIENTATION PROGRAM.

This is a training provided by ICAI which is compulsory before joining articleship training, a 15 days course which focuses on various aspects to give an idea of practical life ahead and overall develops our personality.

To all my fellow-mates CA-IPC students who will soon be joining Orientation Program are requested to just clear this myth that these 15 days are just wastage of time and its a compulsion to attend them.

If you go there with an open mindset trust me you will acquire many new things that would probably assist you throughout your life.

This is my personal experience of orientation training which was conducted at Gurgaon branch of NIRC. This training is a must for CA students and there's lot to learn from them. I today feel a complete change in my attitude and personality and undoubtedly credit goes to these 15 days.

15 different days and 15 different faculties!! All of them imparting knowledge and sharing there valuable experiences, Everyone having different topics and excellent hold on respective topics. From exuberant attitude of all the faculties to activities conducted by them every single thing taught me valuable lessons of life. There are 'n' number of things I acquired from all of there experiences and teaching and therefore I would like to brief you with the mains.


Trust me first day it was hard to even introduce myself but slowly and gradually my fear of public speaking began disappearing and by the end of this training I was able to stand on stage and address all my fellow mates.

When you know you are able to overcome your FEAR it channelizes a lot of confidence & boast your personality to next level.

I know that I had a very negative outlook but after learning a thing called PERCEPTION there came a huge difference in my outlook (its all about how you perceive things) and now I try to find positive things out of all odds.


Felling obliged as I got a chance to meet some inspiring personalities:

MR. GOVIND MISHRARavishing personality; so humble and down to earth person. Excellent speaker.

After attending his class I realized the power power of vocals (speaking skills).While sitting in class just by closing our eyes he made us see all stages of life past, present & future. This was power of visualization.


During this period you all will get a chance to participate in and address many activities like group discussions, interviews, interaction with new friends, extempore speaking, personal branding and marketing and more. 

Every faculty will serve an utmost importance in building up your future by giving you a roadmap which, if you follow, help you to attain professional excellence. 

Facts which would be shared by all the faculties would probably be an eye opener for all of you not only in terms of the practical aspects of your professional development but also about the life as a whole. You will not only be a better student or professional but also a better and mature person.  

You will learn the essence of team work and mutual support to grow together instead competing in a rat race. 


Yes we being professionals need to enhance our soft skills for better future and this platform if taken seriously can be of great help.

So it's time to wake up from your slumber and grab all the opportunities & learning imparted in Orientation program.

As, longest and happy journey starts with a single step; come lets move one step forward! 


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