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Here are some tips to tackle office politics:

  1. Be polite with your subordinates and others. Understand clearly that people around you are human beings and not robots or machine. They also have heart. They can also make errors. Don’t shout or become angry on them.
  1. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Don’t interfere with other people’s work.
  1. Speak only the matter which is important. Unnecessary talk will waste your and other’s time and energy.
  1. Don’t always go for the obvious. Consider the moral aspect also. This ability of distinguishing what is right and what is wrong will be developed when you get matured slowly, till that time take the guidance of your parents, elders and teachers.
  1. Always be honest with the employer. Give the most of your output so that he is satisfied with your performance. Let all the thousands of employees of the company be against you, if you are with the employer, then you are doing your duty properly.

In this context one quote of the great Politician Chanakya is worth mentioning:

“A moon can give more light that thousands of stars cannot. Similarly a learned and cultured son is far better that hundreds of son deprived of good qualities.”


Following the lawful orders of the employer, can be learnt from this small story:


A Gurkha soldier, from the British Army was severely wounded during the war and was on the verge of death. The doctors met the Commander Chief and told that the Gurkha will die unless he shows some will to live.


The Commander Chief immediately rushed into the room where the wounded Gurkha was lying, and barked, “live”.

And the Gurkha obeyed.


  1. Don’t waste time worrying about what others think about you. They are, on the contrary thinking, what you think about them. 
  1.  If criticism is getting you down, always remember, “A statue was not erected in honor of a critic”
  1. Utilize your free time for knowledge up-gradation, instead of gossiping.
  1. Don’t try to be superman and fight if there is a clash, go through proper channel, like HR, Manager, Director etc. If all the methods are not workable, then go by Tit for Tat method.
  1. All the good people should not always tolerate injustice. One of our Indian Saints has once said that “If we take MALA (for chanting GOD’s name), then sometimes we should take BHALA (weapon) also.” We were ruled by Mughals for some centuries, then, because of the efforts of Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap and other great personalities, we got freedom, then the Britishers ruled us for  150 years, now we got freedom because of great freedom fighters, now its our duty to maintain the peace and freedom of our country.
  1.  I will end this article with this very important statement:




With Best Regards

CA Chhaviraj Joshi

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Chhaviraj Joshi
(Accounts Manager)
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