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Every CA/CS/CMA or other working professional doing studies with a job/Articleship faces problems in juggling studies with office work and personal life.

I am gonna give few suggestions to get more productive and focused and less distractive while doing that

1. Visualise Tomorrow's goals i.e., Plan your goals a day before

List down things for the next day the night before, so you know what tasks need to be completed and also prioritize the same.

Don't over plan or make it complexed. Keep your plan simple for easy implementation.

How to Study while Working without getting Distracted

2. Select Best Environment to Study i.e., calm and peaceful so that you don't get distracted easily

Try to study when everyone is sleeping i.e early morning or late night when everyone is sleeping and there are fewer distractions around.


3. Make Weekly goals and divide them into small tasks for each day

Breakdown your main goals into Months and then to weekly goals and thereafter into the daily tasks.

Eg: You need to complete IDT in 15 Days broke it down into your daily target and broke those into small tasks to be done in a day

4. Tick the things you have done from the list

At the end of the day open your list created and tick things you have done. It will create a Sense of Achievement and Boost Internal Motivation

5. Make Time Blocking Sheet

  • Divide 24 Hrs into 3 Blocks of 8 Hours
  • 1st Block-Sleep of 8 hrs
  • 2nd Block- Office/Coaching/College/other Stuff
  • 3rd Block (Free Block)- 3-5 hrs Study and Rest leisure time as per convenience

6. Maintain Consistency

Even if you feel like not doing someday do it for some time. Never destroy your momentum.

7. Try to be Creative

Whenever feel Sleepy during studying try to make short notes in a creative manner like charts or mind maps. So that you start enjoying whatever your doing as it will help you focus and be Productive more.

Always Remember

  • "Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals." - LL Cool J
  • "Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent." - Venus Williams
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