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If you are starting your search to put together for Taxation CS Executive, this blog should help you with some tips to gain self-belief for your preparation.

How to put together for Taxation in the CS Executive exam is frequently asked by way of CS Executive aspirants. You would already be conscious that Taxation is a highly scoring subject if you are robust with your fundamentals.

The basic problem facing students preparing for Taxation is the provision of more than one study material source. It takes so much time to decide where to prepare. Indeed, time is your primary resource, and how you use it determines the final results of your preparation. It is essential to understand how to study tax for CS Executive?

When you begin to prepare for Taxation CS Executive, it is essential to remember the Subject and Practice guide given with the aid of ICSI, which is not to be disregarded at any cost. Some CS Executive taxation preparation suggestions are given under which might be key to keeping off mistakes and making sure a high score in the subject of Taxation:

How To Study Tax For CS Executive

How to Study Tax for CS Executive | 5 Tips

  • Tip 1: Divide this module into sub-topics and allocate time to each sub-subject matter. - This will assist you to gauge your development vis-a-vis the scoring weightage for each sub-subject matter.
  • Tip 2: Initiate with Direct Taxes - When you begin to study CS Executive Taxation, cover the primary five heads of income because the subject is quite big to cover.

Here is a flow that you can follow

Income from house property → Capital Gains → Income from different sources → Income from business/profession → Income from Salary.

  • Tip 3: Move to Indirect Taxes. Practice Manual is your cross-to-resource - Indirect taxes are less complicated to cowl, and reading via the Practice Manual is the prepared way to put together for Taxation in the CS Executive examination.
  • Tip 4: Also, pay attention to peripheral chapters - such as residential status, provisions related to filing returns, TDS, advance tax, etc. are very important and cannot be missed.
  • Tip 5: Attempt Mock Papers - After protecting both sections, you can revise your notes and strive to mock papers to pick out your areas of discomfort.

How to score well in the Taxation of CS Executive?

While doing the direct tax coaching, solve a few questions without delay after studying a particular topic to enhance retention.

After working towards troubles referring to different heads, trying multiple troubles related to total income will help you benefit confidence in applying theory in Taxation.

While making copious notes isn't possible throughout preparation time, do now not fall on a couple of sources of such notes as they will come to be difficult for you. While analyzing via the material and subsequently solving sums, you can observe down problematic parts that you need to remember and revise.


Any new amendments, along with the ones delivered in Capital Gains, and many others. They are critical and want to be acknowledged by means of every CS aspirant attempting the CS Executive taxation paper. Go with an illustration that is part of the study material. They assist you in delivering an area over many aspirants.

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