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Step 1 Become proficient at time management before your course begins. Be conscious of everything that you do. Create a graph of all your activities at the end of the day. Write down time, then activity. Disregard the relative importance or silliness of what you did. Step 2 Go back and review your list first thing during the day. Look for useful activities. Add your time killers up. Ask yourself how you could've saved yourself time and gotten more accomplished. Come up with lessons learned. For example, do all writing activities in one block. Use waiting-line time to study for your time-management exam. Find activities you could do together. Step 3 Purchase your time-management text books before your course starts and study it. Read from chapter one to the final chapter. Go back and study the first two chapters before class begins. Look at the learning objectives, then go back and study the first two chapters again. Highlight sections that satisfy the learning objectives. Step 4 Be ready to take notes your first class. Keep taking notes during every time-management class you take. Study these notes every night. Step5 Do in-class time-management exercises as seriously as if you were taking an exam. Continue to review your day to see how well you managed your time. Use your daily schedule as a practice run up to a hands-on time management exam. Use a study group to do an oral practice run for the exam. Step 6 Study sections of your book covered by learning objectives you're not comfortable with days before the test. Ask questions about sections you still don't understand. You don't want to look like a fool if you fail to ask these questions then find them on the exam. Step 7 Get a good nights rest before the time management exam, and show up early. Professors like to give indirect hints about the upcoming exam when student's filter in. Look over the entire exam before you drop your first answer.

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