How to register DSC on MCA V-3?

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In this article, the author shall discuss the questions and step-by-step process of registration of DSC of Director on the MCA V3 Portal. It is a lengthy process in MCA V3 to register DSC of Director/ Professional on MCA V-3.

Que 1: If DSC is already registered on MCA V2, whether they are again required to register on MCA V2 Portal?

Ans 1: After launching of 56 new forms on MCA V3 portal w.e.f. 23.01.2023, it is mandatory to register DSC on MCA V3 portal to file the form on MCA V3.

DSC registration on MCA 21-V3 portal is MUST even if the DSC under the particular category has already been registered under MCA 21-V2 portal.

How to register DSC on  MCA V-3

Que 2: Whether DSC Can be registered from Register USER ID?

Ans 2: DSC can’t be register on Register User ID. It can be register only on Business User ID.

Que 3: How many DSC can be registered from one Business User ID?

Ans 3: Only one DSC can be registered from One Business User ID.

Que 4: Whether it is mandatory to create Director Personal Business User ID for registration of his/her DSC?

Ans 4: As per the New MCA V3 every Director have to create his own Business User ID to register DSC on MCA V3 Portal.

For Professionals, Directors, Designated Partners, Manager, Secretary, Authorized Representatives, Professional Staff Members, registration as a “BUSINESS USER” is MUST for completion of DSC Registration

Que 5: Whether it is advisable for a professional to register DSC of Directors from his/her ID?

Ans 5: A professional should not register DSC of any director from his ID. If he does so, He will not able to register his DSC on MCA V3 Portal.

Que 6: Whether a Person can register DSC for more than one Role?

Ans 6: One person can register his DSC only for one role. Whether as a Director or as a Professional.

One person can have one DSC role only. For Ex: He can register DSC either as a director or authorized representative of the company.

Steps For Registration of DSC

Important Points:

I. Before starting registration of DSC on MCA V3 portal Download Two Software:


II. Make Sure DSC token is attached in system at the time of starting of the Process.


Log In to MCA V-3 Portal in Business User ID of the person whose DSC you are Registering on MCA Website.

* If you want to know how to register as Business User or How to upgrade Register user as business user then refer to article no 816.



After Login Go to FO Service and click on Associate DSC.


After Clicking on Associate DSC, the Following screen shall open.


Download the Software by clicking on Point No1 and Point No2 and Clicking on Associate DSC on this screen.

Download the Software by clicking on Point No1 and Point No2 and Clicking on Associate DSC on this screen



  • Select Token
  • Mention Password
  • Click on Register


After Completion of above process DSC shall be registered on the System and following message shall appear.

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