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Hello friends!

I want to share some tips and thoughts on how to prepare for CA exams which are very practical and useful according to my personal experience.

(1) Proper planning is necessary for preparation for CA exams. Prepare your study time table well in advance. First divide total available time among the subjects. Thereafter, allot time to each and every chapter of different subjects. Have provision for two - three margin days. Follow this time table strictly. Variation of more than four - five days from your time table can disturb your planning.

(2) Try to complete the coaching classes and preparation of notes well in advance. At least for two-three months before exams, you should devote your entire time for self-study only. Please remember friends, coaching classes are for your guidance, support and for solution of your doubts/queries. But ultimately CA is all about self-study.

(3) Hard work with smart work is important for any exam. The method of A B C grading will help you to save time and nothing important will be missed out during your preparation for CA exams. Here, you have to bifurcate your questions in three different categories  A, B and C.

A = Any concept/question that you find very difficult, that you have to refer each and every time, which are very important.

B = Average difficult questions or examples that you can remember at least after second time reading.

C = All other questions/examples that you can remember on the very first reading, very basic and easy questions/examples.

Please remember friends, this A B C grading of questions/examples should be done by you only according to your discretion, that how much difficulty you face in remembering or solving any question/example.

The method is, when you read any subject for the first or second time, you will be able to easily identify on your own that under which of the above three categories that particular question falls. You have to allot suitable category to that question in your book/ note book by pencil/different color pen and highlight the same.

Now, when you revise for the second/third time, you will have to pay attention to the questions of category A and B only. Here you save so much time by referring that particular point of the example and not referring the entire example. C - category questions you can manage anyway.

(4) You must cover the entire syllabus and no topic or chapter should remain untouched. Suppose, you find a chapter very difficult. Then don’t think to skip it entirely. At least you should cover it to the extent you can understand. Always cover Revision Test Papers (RTP) and Practice Manual issued by ICAI.

(5) Only reading will not help you. You may have prepared very well but to put it in writing during the three hours of exam is also very important. You should try to write at least one or two papers of each subject before exams. This exercise will improve your time management and presentation during the three hours of exams. This exercise will bring to your notice that what kind of mistakes you make while writing under pressure.

(6) Always go for group wise preparation of subjects. For example, take all the subjects of first group first. Once they are prepared, go for the subjects of the second group. Then again revise for all the subjects of first group only and then for all the subjects of second group. This can help you to gain confidence for your preparation of a particular group.

(7) Always develop practice of preparing small notes while reading in your own handwriting. When you write something in your own handwriting and then you read it, you remember it for a longer time. This practice will keep you attentive while studying theory subjects.

(8) You can combine one theory and one practical subject to avoid monotony.

(9) Select a reference book well in advance with the help of your teachers and seniors. And never change your reading material or reference books at the last moment before your exams. Your mind will find it difficult to remember the different language and presentation than the earlier one at the last moment before your exams.

(10) Try to expand your study time gradually in your comfortable time zone. Generally, for preparation of CA inter exams, average 10 to 14 hours of study time is advisable and for preparation of CA final exams, average 14 to 17 hours of study time is advisable to cover the entire syllabus properly with revisions.

(11) Before exams, you should set target to finish one complete study and two perfect revisions.

(12) We get two days before the exams of each subject. Make sure that each and every chapter and topic should pass through your eyes within those two days before exams. You should have planned in advance for preparation of those two days before exam of each subject. The system of A B C grading can help you a lot for this.


(a) Remember friends, no pains, no gains. We are preparing for a professional exam. Our efforts have to be planned, focused and dedicated.

(b) Separate yourself from all types of social media and unnecessary phone calls.

(c) You will have to stop all those activities which divert your time and focus from your study e.g. social gatherings, festival celebrations, movies, eating in restaurants, hang out with friends and anything which divert your time and focus. Remember friends, every minute counts.

(d) Never compare your study with your friends. Each student has different reading speed, subject interest and grasping power. One topic which your friend completes in two hours, you may take four hours for the same. Such type of comparison will shake your confidence. You should set your own study targets properly according to your capacity and stick to it. Quality of study is more important.

(e) Have faith in your own preparation. You should have given your 100% in your preparation before entering the exam hall. That is it. Hard work never goes in vain.

(f) When you feel bore or need some relaxation, have small conversations with your family members on general topics. Help your family members in doing small house-hold work. Go for a walk for half an hour either in the morning or in the evening. All these will keep you relaxed and recharge your mind for further studies.

(g) Take care of your health. Take sufficient and regular sleep.

Friends, CA study is a journey which teaches you hard work, dedication for a goal, time management and improve your self-confidence. Always try to give your best. Have a happy reading to all.


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