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Irrespective of which stage of life we are in, we get to learn something new everyday. Learning may not be necessarily related to the subject. It can vary from learning a new song to learning how to use a gadget. If there is something which plays a key role in learning is memorizing. The faster we memorize the quicker we learn. Let us now understand the ways through which we can improve our memorizing speed-

Read Out Loud Technique

Do you remember the days when you were a kid back in school and would often be asked to read out loudly while studying? There lies a strong reason behind this. Reading out loud enables us to remember better than studying silently. It helps the brain to capture more information.

The brain uses memory pathways to learn and remember things for a more extended period. Here it uses the auditory channel to store data.

Reciting in front of the mirror also makes it easy to learn and remember. You can also say it without looking at the book.

How to Memorize Faster

Make Short Notes

Making short notes may seem to take a lot more effort and time consuming, but it is worth whatever it takes. Making short notes of whatever topic one has studied helps in remembering it for a longer time. Not just that it also helps in revising things efficiently by reducing the revision time considerably when you are doing multiple revisions of the same topic from the short notes.


Mnemonics helps us to memorize important facts and principles. It can help in recalling large chunks of information in a much easier way which otherwise would have been difficult.

For example, if you can recollect, we all memorized the sequence of operations in math by using the mnemonic- BODMAS. We can try incorporating this technique in various things we study for easier memorization.

Peer Discussion

The best way to remember what we have studied is discussing with friends. It can also be done through teaching what we have learnt to someone else.

When we teach or discuss what we have learnt with someone, we organize what you have learnt, recall it and also improve your understanding about the topic. It can also help us to have a different perspective about the topic and improve the manner in which we think. In addition, we may also learn new things from others.

Combine the new with the familiar

When we combine the new topic that we have learnt with the topic we already know, it creates a memory mapping that enables memory retention.

It not only helps in getting a better understanding of the new topic but at the same time also enables you to recall the familiar topic which you have learnt earlier. This is a win-win situation.



Someone has rightly said 'Practice makes man perfect'. Revision is the king when it comes to memorizing things faster. It may be difficult to remember a topic when we study it for the first time but with each revision, recalling gets easier.

To master anything, revising/practicing is the key.


Avoid Multitasking

We learn things faster when we focus on a single thing. Though helpful in certain situations, multitasking must be avoided when it comes to learning a new skill. Multitasking diverges our attention and we end up taking a longer time for learning a simple thing. It is advisable to stay from anything which causes distraction while learning.

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