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Most people start preparing for Final CA after they get their leave. But guess what? Most people do not even pass Final CA.

It is extremely important to start your studies early. Let me suggest you some ways to manage studies with office-

1. Studying in the local trains - I stayed in Goregaon and my firm was in Elphinstone Road. Train travel took 45 minutes one way. This was enough to read few pages of theory. If you are able to study for 45 minutes both ways, you have studied 1.5 hours, which is awesome. Basically, study while travelling! In the bus, rick, car, wherever possible.

2. Attending lectures on Saturdays/Sundays - Refrain from missing classes. You understand the importance when your study leave starts.Even if you have a faint idea about the chapter, it saves a lot of reading time.

3. Taking books to out-station audits - Watching movies and spending the client’s money on Saturday, Sunday during outstation audits? Nope. Carry video lectures and your books. Utilize that time. Anyways the books get bored staying in the same location. Take them out of town with you.

4. Take leaves - By the time you reach your last 3-4 months of office before final CA leave, you have already slogged for 2 years. You have given the firm enough. Time to be a little selfish. Take leaves, atleast on those days when the workload is very less. Take leaves on Friday or Monday. Take advantage of long weekends. Study.

Try to finish atleast 3 subjects (Preferably all 3 practical subjects- Accounts, SFM and Costing) by the time your final CA leave starts. Is it possible? Definitely. Start your studies roughly 4 months before the Final CA leave. Your friends might not start, but you do it. You will reap the benefits later.

Everybody studies during the leave period. If you want to gain an edge, start earlier. Remember, well begun is half done.


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Akshay Sirsalewala
(Finance Professional)
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