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Stock Market franchises are a good way to earn money nowadays. In this kind of business model, you can take up a sub broking franchise and earn money by making trades on behalf of the stock broking firm. In this article, we are going to tell you about how to make money from the share market franchise business.

What is Stock Market Franchise Business?

As mentioned earlier, in the stock market franchise business, you can take up a sub broking franchise and earn money by making trades on behalf of the stock broking firm. You have to attract your own customers and look for active customers who will trade for all year long to ensure profits. To maximise your profits in the stock market franchise business, one must have a good understanding of the stock market and you should also choose a good franchise to take up.

How to make Money from Share Market Franchise Business

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Benefits of Stock Market Franchise Business

In the stock market franchise business, you will be making a commission for every trade you make for your customers on behalf of the stock broking firm you have taken a franchise of. There are lots of benefits of taking up a stock market franchise rather than becoming an independent stock broker or becoming an employee of a stock broking firm.

Less investment required

A stock market franchise business requires very little amount of money in terms of initial investment. You can get started with as low as 10,000 rupees in the stock market franchise business. This will be paid to the franchiser as a security deposit to start your business.


You will have the independence of running your business however you want as you will be a self-employed professional. You also won't have to deal with the technicalities regarding selling and buying stocks as they will be handled by the stock broking firm you have taken a franchise of.

Marketing and Technical Support

You will also receive all kinds of support from the stock broking firm whose franchise you own. They will help you to set up your business and to gain clients and maximise profits. You won't have to do everything by yourself. The franchisers also provide marketing and training support by providing banners, leaflets, hoardings, etc for your business to advertise it.

Advisory Support

Some franchisors help they franchisees by providing them advisory support regarding stocks to recommend to their clients, recommendations to succeed in the business and more. This advice can prove to be crucial for a business especially in its early stages.

How to make money in Stock Market Franchise Business?

To make money in the Stock Market Franchise Business, you should choose a sub broking franchise that you will take up. This is a crucial step as it can decide the future of your business as a sub broker.


A good sub broker franchise provider provides lots of support to their franchise holders to set up their business and help them in their initial stages. This can prove to be crucial for a business. So, look for a franchiser that provides good service to its franchisees.

You should also be aware of the sub broker charges and the revenue sharing percentages of the franchiser. You will earn money by taking a percentage of every trade you make on behalf of the franchiser, so you have to ensure that you are getting a good revenue sharing percentage to earn more money.

Once you have finalised a sub broking franchise provider for your business, you have to see if you meet their eligibility criteria and if you do, you should take up their sub broking franchise.

Upon taking the sub broking franchise, you have to start establishing your business. You should start looking for clients that are active traders and will be trading with you for a long period of time. For getting new clients, you should prepare a list of prospective clients and start cold calling them with offers and explain them about your business.

Once you have got your own clients, you can start making trades on their behalf and earn revenue sharing percentages for the trades you make. Make sure to recommend profitable stocks to your clients so that they stay associated with you for the long run.

You can also start a referral program to gain new clients and provide a referral bonus to anyone who brings a client or provides leads to prospective clients. This will help you to gain more and more clients in the long run.



Stock Market Franchise business is a good way to earn business. It is one of the most profitable business models in the stock broking field. It requires very little investment to begin with and can be extremely profitable in the long term. You should look for a sub broking franchise provider that suits your needs and start your sub broking business.


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