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So often we face situations in r life when we feel everything is just going far from us...r dreams and specially r happiness....we r gripped by saddness,doubts,fears thinking about r future....


I m writing this for everyone who is in such a situation where everything seems like a distant dream .....its for everyone who has lost all hopes and who r in a crisis situation .


Im going to mention few points(very basic but effective ).I hope it will prove useful to all my friends to cope with their present situation ....and give their life a new beginning .I too hv been in this situation and im sharing with u what  i learnt from it....and how i dealt with my doubts,fears and saddness.


/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/thumbs_up.gif All the best to everyone and i hope this article will help bring back the smile ,confidence and help u to look forward to a new beginning .



1)  love urself


The most important thing is to love urself....appreaciate ur abilities and dont dont crib about ur failures, understand and know urself ,understand ur worth.


2)  Take a break


Take a short break ...In this time explore urself ,do things that u love...make plans ....watever u want to achieve write it on a piece of for ways u can achieve it and wat all u need to do for it ......i wud say when u r on a break forget about ur failures , have a clear mind ...gather ur thoughts..just imagine that the opportunities r in front of u and u have to take best advantage of the opportunities .


3)  Believe that u can


when u r sad there will be people who will make u even more sad...people may criticize u but just ignore one knows u better than u urself do ....believe urself and ur abilities .Believe that u can ....cos if u dont no one will.....


4)  Be urself 


never lose ur true self ....everyone has,his /her own ways of doing two people are alike.....Dont start comparing urself with others .Be ur self ...u r an individual...distinct from others with ur own dreams ,likes and dislikes .u r u nd not someone else.


5)  Be optimistic


always hope for better ....believe that things wud improve positive ...have faith in urself nd always believe that everything will be allright soon....


6)   Slow and steady wins the race


i know in todays world everything moves so fast ...u may feel that everyone is going ahead of u ....i only want to say that....just forget the world for sometime ...Concentrate on ur self ,ur dreams ,ur aspirations ...look forward to achieving it ,b aware of opportunities ....believe me u will b one step ahead of others cos u allready know wat u want to achieve nd u r not running with the flow.


7)   Remember the good times


everyone has many good memories .....just remember the most beautiful time of ur will surely cheer u up when u will be sad....and remember that there r many more good times ahead.


8)   Dream


never stop dreaming ...dreaming is very important because it many times gives u new ideas , gives u a purpose...if u dont have a dream wat will u look forward to achieving ?.....


9)   Visualize


visualize urself as having achieved wat u wanted to achieve .It will boost ur confidence to a great extent as it will make u believe that u can....and u will automatically work towards achieving it.


10)  Share


in bad times u get to know who actually r ur well treasure those people...keep them close to ur heart.....share with them ur thoughts....ur ideas..enjoy urself and use this time of urs to know others and urself better....its the perfect time to strengthen r bonds with r loved ones...maybe when we r sad then only we realise how much important they r to us.


11)   Never give up


make a promise to urself that u will never give up watever maybe the situation...remember where there is will there is a way


12) Discover urself


i truly believe that many times we ourselfs dont know wat all we r capable of doing....human mind has no boundaries.....its just that we sometimes dont search for r true potential...its important to search our soul...and connect with it...and believe that "yes i can"



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