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Introduction: In continuation of my first & second part we will discuss the development factors in this final & part 3.

III. Development Job factors

1. Update your knowledge about latest changes:

In all fields changes are inevitable but based on the changes we need to update our knowledge. Especially in accounting field changes in laws, acts, taxation, laws, and procedures are very often, in developing factors updating of latest changes are very essential. So update your knowledge though various ways.

2. Improve your technical skills:

According to the various changes which mentioned in point 1, we need to improve our technical skills like software and other skills which related to our day to day work. It is very much required to develop in our job. So improve your  technical skills through training  and other ways.

3. Improve your Analytical skills:

As I told in my part 2, we should have analytical skills for analyzing every business transactions, so we should develop our analytical skills also based on latest changes and updates. So improve your analytical skills by experience.

4. Improve your communication skills:

Communication is a very essential tool in working. For developing our career in any field very strong communication skills are required. So improve your communication skills.

5. Improve your Study habit:

Study habit is a very effective habit to develop the career. Improve your studying habit. Try to study professional magazine, journal to improve your knowledge in the field. Studying habits not only improves your habit but also improve your practical approach in your work and give rich experience.



In this first part just I enlisted the development factors to be considered for becoming good Accounts person. These are the factors which is part of improve your accounting career and develop your style of working.


Thanks & Good Luck

CMA.Ramesh Krishnan


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