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Selling is something that you need to learn to succeed in rest of your life. Selling is not restricted to sell a product or a service, it has far wider meaning than that. Be it's your business or your job you got to learn to sell to attain a job, to attract and retain a customer or client. Want a promotion in a job and if someone else other than you got that promotion might they know how to sell themselves better than you.  

Some people define it as to have better communication skills, but the sorry guy's it is just selling and just pure selling. One who to know how to sell will win.

Highly Qualified professional degree with immense knowledge doesn't go to help you unless you know how to sell. I am not talking about selling any product, article or service, I am talking about selling yourself. Learn to sell your talent, your knowledge, your future prospects. One who does not know how to sell himself cannot survive in today's world.

There are many Chartered accountants (even rank holder) who after passing out their exam has to settle for very low pay even after having immense knowledge, while on another side of the page, we see many MBA's who even don't have such deep understanding of law, taxation and finance still they are far ahead of chartered accountants, why is it so?  the reason is very simple: MBA's know how to market themselves but most of the Chartered accountant fail in this aspect.

How to be market ready? How to market yourself?

1) Confidence

Be confident in yourself. Can you expect a customer to buy a product about which you are not so sure? So how can you expect a company to hire you unless you are not confident in yourself? The easiest way to develop confidence is to practice, practice and practice how to give an interview with help your seniors and peers.

Your confidence should not turn into egoistic behavior, so please maintain the difference between confidence and over-confidence. 

2) Know your value

Never ever agree for a proposal which is less than your capability. It doesn't matter how much reputed the interviewing company is. If you have right attitude and knowledge you will get right job at right pay somewhere else. Remember, there is no shortage of jobs but there is a shortage of right person applying for the right position at right time,

3) Give the interviewer what they want

Tell them what they want to hear. Please don't start buttering up here. You should be real you. Be 100% yourself. Don't try to copy someone.

4)Show your strengths 

Show your past achievement and credentials here. Even your past performance which is not directly related to present job will help you there as an interviewer is not only interested in your professional behavior but also in your personal behavior as well. 

The author can also be reached at jainshobhit1996@gmail.com


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