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How to avoid Failure in CA Exams?

Anchal Gupta , Last updated: 08 December 2022  

Failure is a term that a Chartered Accountant student has to face multiple times in his/her journey, so today we will be discussing how to avoid and overcome failures?

1. One of the most important thing that is going to help you succeed in this entire journey is proper planning, if you fails to plan ,you plan to fail. You must have a proper timetable about how much time you will devote for self study and how much for coaching.

How to avoid Failure in CA Exams

2. Do writing practice, writing practice will be helpful to improve your presentation skills which is a much-needed skill in theory papers like Audit and Law.

3. If you fail in a subject, then its advisable to apply for certified copies and check out what mistakes you have made.

4. The only key to ace in theory subjects is multiple revisions which will enable you to remember key points. Rote learning won't work Longway.

5. Always keep in mind there is life beyond CA so don't limit yourself to CA exams, try to give some time for recreational activities.


6. Even if you face failure, try to talk to your mentor, close friend or parents since they are one of the most motivating sources for you.

7. At the end have trust in yourself that nothing will be wrong, and you have given your best. Don't lie to yourself. Make a solid plan that is achievable not procrastinate.


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