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As the CA-intermediate exams are around the corner, many students must be feeling really nervous.  I would like to tell all the students who are appearing for the exams that this is the best time of the year, now I know the reaction, all of you must be thinking, “how can exam time be the best time of the year?” So my dear friends let me tell you one thing , this time is best time to prove to your relatives, friends, family and to yourself that CA doesn’t mean COME AGAIN but it means CERTAINLY ACHIEVABLE.

As the exams are approaching all of you must be studying very hard. But dear friends while preparing for the exams don’t neglect your health, as we all know HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Following are the few EXAM TIPS which I would like to share with you all:

1. Eat properly during the exam time, but avoid oily and fried food,

2. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours before exams because it is a proven fact that when you sleep your brain revise what you have learnt,

3. Don’t compare yourself with others, everyone is unique in his/her own ways,

4. Don’t study for too long continuously, always take small breaks in between,

5. Relax yourself by listening to music of going for a walk,

6. Always remember that whatever you have learnt is retained by your brain, don’t think that you have forgotten it,

7. Revise theory subjects in the morning and to practical subjects in the afternoon after the lunch because it is the time when you feel sleepy,

8. In Accounting and Advanced Accounting do accounting standards properly because Institute asks compulsory question on this very often,

9. In Law it is better not to quote the section than to write wrong section, case studies are also important,

10. In CAFM pay attention to the concepts because if your concepts are clear then you can solve any question,

11. In Taxation theory and practical problems are equally important, so pay attention to both,

12. Auditing and ITSM are theory papers so don’t simply mug up things, understand the subject properly and you will find things simpler,

13. Don’t discuss the question paper after the exam with your friends. Remember nobody can change what has happened, instead of wasting your time prepare for next exam,

14. Don’t discuss the subject with your friends before exam, some students lose their confidence,

15. Attempt that question first which you know thoroughly,

16. In first question :

i. Hand writing should be legible

ii. Presentation should be proper

iii. No time should be wasted

17. In theory paper underline the important points,

18. If you are stuck in a particular question, don’t waste time, leave proper space and move on,

19. Attempt all the questions, even if you don’t know the answer because there is no negative marking,

20. Finish paper well before time and then revise your paper.

Always remember that God is there and He is watching us, so just work hard and He will surely reward you.

I hope my article proved to be helpful. Wishing ALL THE VERY BEST to my dear friends hope you will come out with flying colors.


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