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GSTR 3B Table 4 filing process as per amended provisions

CA Kunal Arora , Last updated: 26 December 2022  

Changes have been brought in by CBIC in the filing process of Form GSTR 3B vide Notification no. 14/2022 Central Tax dt. 5th July 2022 and Circular no. 170/02/2022-GST dt. 6th July 2022. The three major changes are:

  1. Introduction of table 3.1.1 for e-com transaction u/s 9(5) of the CGST Act, 2017;
  2. Reporting in table 3.2 made mandatory; and
  3. Reporting format changes in table 4.
GSTR 3B Table 4 filing process as per amended provisions

Updated Table 4 reporting process

Form 3B Table 4 format as amended by the aforesaid notifications has been reproduced below for ready reference:


Steps to follow for furnishing details in Table 4

  1. Reconcile total ITC available with GSTR 2B and finalize the amount of ITC to be availed for current return period.
  2. ITC pertaining to Imports, RCM and ISD will be reported in tables 4A(1), 4A(2), 4A(3) and 4A(4) respectively. And ineligible ITC as per GSTR 2B will be auto-populated in 3B table 4D(2).
  3. ITC pertaining to B2B invoices and debit notes will be auto-populated in table 4A(5) and that of credit notes will be auto-populated in table 4B(2).
  4. Firstly filter out ITC as per GSTR 2B for the current month and calculate the amount of ITC ineligible other than table 4D(2). This will be reported in table 4B(1) along with reversals under rules 38, 42 and 43 as a permanent reversal.
  5. Out of the current month 2B's eligible ITC, the unreconciled amount will be reported under table 4B(2) as temporary reversal so that it can be claimed in subsequent months. This would complete current month GSTR 2B's reporting in the current month's GSTR 3B.
  6. Now comes the part where ITC appearing in the previous months' GSTR 2B is being claimed in the current return period. This amount will be added in table 4A(5) and additionally it will be reported under table 4D(1).

After following the above steps, Table 4 of GSTR 3B for the relevant tax period will be complete for filing purposes.

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