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The key to a building a successful business is to ensure that your employees are well taken care of. Doing so not only ensures the retention of talented employees, but also helps create and build a strong foundation for your company's future.

Going to the office shouldn't be synonymous with being unhappy or bored for your employees. Ideally, they should look forward to being in a workplace surrounded by inspiring people. As a business leader therefore, it is vital that you take steps to keep your employees happy and motivated: after all, no organization can move forward without its employees.

Here are a few important tips to help productivity and happiness thrive in your organisation:

Recognise the successes of your employees

Employee recognition is all about acknowledging the accomplishments and hard work of every individual that works for your organisation – whether it's a maintenance person or a line manager. Appreciating employees' efforts helps you create an emotional connection with your workforce and one that they want to experience.

Start with frequently and openly acknowledging your employees' achievements verbally to show them that you are aware of their progress and fully appreciate it. You could also periodically nominate employees for awards or token bonuses to recognise their everyday successes and wins. At every such recognition encourage them to continue putting up such exceptional performances.

Listen to them

Listening does not mean that you have to blindly agree with your employees on every topic. Instead, listening is about first, acknowledging, next, suitably addressing the concerns or opinions of the workforce and finally, taking appropriate actions. By doing this, you validate that their voice does have power in the organization, and improve their motivation.

Provide Workplace Flexibility

Replying to a client's email from the comfort of the home couch or shifting work timings by a few hours to accommodate an emergency doctor visit - both these scenarios have one thing in common: they are made possible by workplace flexibility.

Workplace flexibility policies are useful where employees face situations where they can continue working, but would prefer to have the opportunity to manage family or personal priority matters.

Just as employees show up on time at work without fail, they should also be allowed to choose how, where and when they work. This is how you can show them that you respect their life outside of work as well.

Plan Team Building Activities

Another trend on the rise is team building activities, which are becoming a popular way to provide a lively workplace environment. Team building activities can include trust- or learning-building games for teams that are usually played during  social gatherings of employees, to help build trust and relationships.

Well-designed activities can increase employee engagement and at the same time, enhance a culture of innovation, motivation and open and positive communication.

Provide Employee Benefits

Providing employees with significant and meaningful benefits is an indicator of your care and appreciation. A powerful example of showing employee appreciation is to cover them under a group health insurance plan.

Today, when healthcare expenses are escalating steeply, group health insurance has become a necessity for organisations. A good group health insurance or group mediclaim plan can mean the difference between a healthy and happy organisation, and one that is unprotected and insecure.

By insuring employees with a group health plan, you can motivate them effectively, as group health insurance offers several compelling benefits, quite apart from covering them against spiralling healthcare costs. These include:

• No waiting period for any covered treatment
• Maternity coverage from day one
• No prior medical check-ups required
• Extra benefits with riders

In addition, you, as an employer, enjoy advantages like relatively low cost, tax benefits, and easy monthly, quarterly or annual premium payments. To purchase the best group health insurance plan for eligible employees of your company, you can compare and get quotes from a reputable insurance broker such as SecureNow (www.SecureNow.in).

Keep Them Happy, Keep Them Engaged

By adopting the points above, you can provide your employees the motivation that they need to stay committed to your firm's goals. Remember that a productive and happy workforce can weather any business conditions or economic storm!


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