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How to pick yourself up again after failure? I know many of you will be in this zone. When you work so hard and yet success eludes you its obvious to get disheartened; its obvious to get depressed; its obvious to doubt about your abilities.

CA is not only about hard work, its about how much mentally strong you are.  It actually prepares you to face the world where you will be tested every day. Believe me, the confidence which one gets after overcoming the setbacks is much much more as compared to not failing at all. You learn to value your success. 

Get up again and get up stronger

So, how actually to start over again? The answer is focus on the goal rather than distractions. Time is flying away, just two months remain for the exam. Hardly 60 days, divide it by the number of papers you will be taking, its the only time you have. You couldnt clear the exam this time, but are you doing enough to clear it the next time.  Do you have time now to think about what happened or should you start your preparations now? Smell the coffee. See the faces of your near and dear ones who have high expectations from you that you will clear your exam this time; who are giving you this much time to overcome the failures. Are you fulfilling their expectations? Its your duty to give them the results they want for the everything they are giving you.

If you feel yourself caged in the four walls of your room or home, then this success will be your ticket to freedom. Are you doing enough to get that freedom? Success has to be earned, you wont get success by sitting and thinking about your failures, you will have to work for this. Dont blame others for your plight. Its your life and its you who have to make it better from bitter. You have been given a chance to change your destiny; to change failure into success; to be better than the last attempt. Value it, dont waste it.

You will surely curse this time if you fail to manage this time. It might be the case that once you start preparing and while sitting in the exam, you would realize "if you had got few more days then you would have cleared the exam". These are those golden days which you wont get again. 

You are not only wasting this time, you are wasting an opportunity with each passing moment. Wake up. You have failed in an exam and not in life, but you will surely fail in life if you continue living in your failure. Get over it, the failure has gone. Its high time to get back.  Stop victimizing yourself and work hard to change your destiny.

Start by preparing a chapter so thoroughly that you will be able to answer whatever comes from it. Give yourself that confidence. Join some test series. It will help you prepare better, it will also take away that exam fear.

You will have to work hard. Theres no other option.

So pick up the books again, work like never before, grab this opportunity and just finish it off. Its your time to change the failure into success and only you can do it because you have to do it. You are not born to be ordinary, you are born to succeed. Yes, you couldnt get the required results last time, but you are surely going to get them this time by your constant hard work.

Go and succeed.


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CA Anurag Sharma
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