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CA Final Result - Pass. WOW! CA Campus placement - Rejected. Oh My God! 

I am sure those of you have passed the CA final exam in this attempt; will not want the above to be true even in their dreams. CA is a journey, years of hard work, months of study - its only then that one passes. Then how can the next step of getting an excellent dream job be considered as an irrelevant step and in some cases even ignored. Having been in industry for about 10 years and having hired and managed 100s of professionals, I can bet that only about 20% students really prepare for Interviews, GDs etc, rest all - let it just happen. And then they repent - yaar agar ek question ka answer aata to ho jata, arre main confuse ho gayi thi. etc etc. I conduct batches for CA, MBA GD/PI preparation and hence would like to share some important points with you. 


1. This is essentially a discussion between 2 individuals, one of whom wants to get a job and other one wants to offer a job. Hence, it is important to know that both stand on equal footing and hence both need to be involved and passionate for that. Don't fear of rejection, as much as you want that job, so much is the desire of the hirer to select an able candidate.

2. Everyone wants an energetic, hardworking, truthful, honest person - so these are basics and not really strengths that you count. You can "ACT" energetic for those few minutes, appear hardworking by having knowledge of your subjects and about the company. Appear truthful and honest by not mentioning anything false in your CV or in your interview and by supporting ethics and morals.

3. Begin with learning, money will follow - Try to get a profile, where you will get opportunities to learn, where you can build a solid foundation of knowledge and people skills. Money, designation, corner office etc will automatically follow. If you will have money as focus, you will never get satisfied.

Group Discussion 

1. Its a "Discussion"  -  A discussion is something where everyone is heard and a conclusion is reached. It is not an argument or a fish market where no one can be heard and which creates chaos. It is neither a yes boss scenario, where you simply agree with others or the group leader.

2. It is a discussion, means your views may get changed in the process. It means the topics can have various pros and cons or several angles to be spoken about. If it had only one correct answer, did we need any discussion. In case of abstract topics like "red"; "Black Sun", Stapler, etc its the various angles or views that one can bring which decides who can speak more and in which direction they can carry the group.

There are many more points which I will cover in next article. Remember only practice will make you perfect and give you the desired confidence level. Practice in front of mirror, with friends, with family or even with me. I will be happy to help you Succeed.

CA Final Result - Pass. WOW! CA Campus placement - Selected. WOW!  :-) WOW

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