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Dear students,

So! Eagerly waiting for the results? Well said ALL izzz well, I say All will be well. Your job is to work hard and you have done it. Result is not in your hand so why to waste time on that analysis. So what are you doing now? Being at leisure, enjoying, chitchatting is not wrong. But it is very important not to go off track. You should continue reading habit. The day we join CA course you should know that you have to read and read even after qualifying the learning and reading goes on.  Reading is a beautiful habit which can be developed over the time.

 MOST IMPORTANT …………. Read Study material provided by the institute. Now this sounds little bit absurd, isn’t it? Exam is over then why to read study material now.  The fact is:

For those who have written CPT exam

1. CPT is the base for IPCC. For ex. same partnership concepts are again there in IPCC at advanced level .At that time even if you take coaching it is assumed you know the basics well. Coaching is no doubt a very good support, but a support. You must take the correct conceptual knowledge yourself. Concepts should be developed now only otherwise you will be knocked latter.

2. Institute study material is best and it should be read in priority to coaching material or other reference books.

3. Under exam preparation pressure you may have left some chapters or you must not have done them properly read those chapters as I already said they will be linked again in future.

For those who have written IPCC exam

1. If you have written 1 group start preparation for the other group immediately.

2. The next stage of IPCC that is CA final same subjects are covered with more depth. For ex. Direct taxes, auditing, costing. The base you get in IPCC by preparing the subjects well will help you a lot in CA final because at that advanced stage no one will teach the basics.

3. As CA syllabus is very vast linking of subjects is very important. For ex. in Ipcc accounts whatever you are learning in company final accounts, same format same things you need to remember as check points for company audit, same is again overlapping in companies act in law. If you know the correct concept you can use it anywhere.

For those who have written CA Final exam:

1. If you have written 1 group start preparation for the other group immediately without waiting for results.

2. Many students are not getting the job even after qualifying CA exam. One of the reasons I feel is lack of actual knowledge. CA is a very practical oriented course where you learn and latter apply the same in field. Learning in depth is very important and this real knowledge will become your asset in future.

3. I feel there is no shortcut, only hard work so as to become a successful CA and not just a qualified CA

4. Just ask your self - there may be thousands of students qualifying the exam this attempt with you, than what is the special quality in you that the interviewer should select you. Think… and you will get the answer what is to be developed.

5. Read cases from journal the chartered accountant.

6. Attend all seminars organized by Institute to update yourself.

7. The big loophole of most of the students is lack of communication skills. Attend some PDP or communication classes. If you have already attended orientation or any such programme take out the notes and keep on revising.

8. For theory papers good command over English language is must. Read and practice speaking good English. Practicing in front of mirror or with friends also helps a lot.

9. Lastly “Whatever you are doing coaching, orientation, ITT, reading, learning do it 100% and not for the sake of completing”.


Read my last article “Last moment boosters” (posted on 26th April 2010) as I don’t want to repeat the same points here but it will really help you.

Link /articles/details.asp?mod_id=5320

Don’t waste a single moment, plan well leave aside everything else accept November exam preparation. Either you magnify your skills or modify your dreams it’s in your hand. These articles are just my experiences which I want to share with all students. Hope it will add some shine to the Super stars of tomorrow.  Wishing you all good luck.


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