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The term 'financial strategic management' aims to control and manage all of the finances of an organization to gain the desired targets and earn the set profits for the organization. The characteristic of financial strategic management begins from detecting the number of funds required for the business, then searching out the method or the approaches through which these funds are raised at less expensive quotes so that the enterprise’s financial requirement is fulfilled. In different phrases, it can also be termed as making use of management principles to the financial resources of a business enterprise.

Importance & Scope of Financial Strategic Management

Generate Capital Needs of the Organization

The first and important financial management function estimates the finances needed to run and operate the business smoothly. This is one of the primary responsibilities of financial managers. Every enterprise’s finance requirements will vary due to the dimensions of the operation, their profit goal, and various other objectives and challenges.

What is Financial And Strategic Management

Deciding Factor in Capital Structure Composition

Once the enterprise’s capital requirements are calculated, now the subsequent function that needs to be completed with the aid of the financial manager is determining what sort of capital structure should be there. This essentially entails the alternatives between the fast-term and long-term sources of funds and also considers the cost involved in the elevating of this finance.

Helps in selecting the right funds’ source

There are various options for raising funds that are available in the market. This step surely goals at choosing the maximum suitable and correct one. The common types of fundraising techniques are raising funds through issuing shares & debentures, simply taking loans from the economic organization, or issuing securities like bonds.


Allocating and Investing In Finance Raised

Now, after the correct amount of funds is raised, these raised funds are invested in various means, which can be sales-generating for the business and are also in line with the business’s targets and goals.

Transparent Utilization of the Surplus Amount

It is worried about a decision concerning the profit generated with the business’s aid and the way it ought to be applied. There are alternatives available for this income usage. All the extra earnings have to be used for distribution as a dividend or the retained earnings, depending on the enterprise’s plans.

Controlling All Cash Expenses

This in a certain manner manages the cash so that neither of the fees goes out of the funds. It consists of diverse charges where cash payments are to be made like salaries and wages bills, and charges of water and energy bills, and also the amount required for the purchase of the uncooked materials, and so forth.

Controlling All Finance

It is one of the vital characteristics as its miles the one which performs an effective position within the accomplishment of the business’s dreams and goals. It makes it positive that all of the sports are going in accordance with the predetermined plans and if no longer accurate control measures are taken.

These simple elements inside the financial strategic management are initially a right plan regarding finance. Various controls are set up so that each financial activity passes as per the pre-decided plans, after which finally selections are taken concerning the financial matters. So, it can be concluded that the scope of financial management could be very deep in the business and has numerous important functions.



It is one of the most important methodologies required for any business corporation because unless and until the corporation’s finance is controlled nicely, no corporation’s function may be achieved properly. Before making use of the financial strategic management method, it’s essential that the organization’s goals are exactly and sincerely decided so that, accordingly, finance requirements may be calculated. Then required funds are raised via various possible means.

It is indeed true that financial strategic management plays a vital role in smooth functioning of any organization. This is the reason why the Institute of Company Secretaries of India has included this module in its curriculum.

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