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Introduction: Knowledge updating is a basic requirement in the present fast growing world. Changes only constant in the world, based on the changes we are indeed to update our knowledge regularly. In the field of finance & accounts as professionals we need to update our knowledge and knew the regular changes in our field. We all of us already aware the ways to update our knowledge. But several people still to find difficult to do the same. Even some time they knew but due to time constraints they may not follow. Here I want to discuss some of the easy ways to update our knowledge.

1.   Reading professional books: Reading the professional books is the best way to get updates our knowledge. Also reading habit is good companion for us. Our Professional related updated books are published regularly in the market; we need to regularly visit books shops or publisher website for latest arrival and you can choose the good books to read & update the knowledge. Some times after seeing the book we may get idea to purchase and read. So develop your reading habits.

2.   Subscription of Journals & Magazines: This also good way to develop our knowledge. In our field several journals & magazines are available in each & every specialized area like Finance, accounts, taxation, Costing, and Corporate laws. Also CA/CWA/CS institutes are publishing journals to their students and members for updates. These journals & magazines are specifically published for only for update our knowledge, also consists the set of latest update & amendments in our field this will help us to develop our professional capacity and give us the feeling in touch with industry updates.

3.   Visiting Knowledge portals: Present days Internet becomes most essential requirement for everyone. In that several knowledge portals, Discussion forums, professional update platforms like CA club India and professional institute website are available. Visiting these portals regularly is one of the best ways among others. Because due to time constraint many of us not getting time to read the books or journals & magazine. But while doing our work we can visit these portals will give us the latest knowledge updates & amendments to refresh our knowledge. In simple word these sites are “Knowledge banks” we can get all the updates here.

4.   Subscription of update Emails: All the Knowledge portals having the facility for subscribe the latest updates option. In my opinion each & every professionals & students need to subscribe those mails for regular updates. This is not involving any cost (chargeable in some websites) and also not having any time constraint. Mails will come to our mail box regularly. Also some RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) available in the most of the website, once subscribe the RSS feed, this will update your mailbox regularly with all latest updates & news. Professional institutes also sending update mails for their members regularly.

5.   Subscription of SMS alert in Mobiles: SMS alert services in mobiles are provided by the most of Knowledge portals like CA club India. This will give a SMS for each & every latest updates & news in the Finance, accounts & Taxation fields. This is most easiest & powerful tool, also very comfort for receiver to read & get the updates. But this will be chargeable service and some nominal fees we need to pay.

6.   Attending training programs: This is very important way to professional those are in practice & working. While working and practice, we need to have training in latest updates, methods, amendments & changes to handle the work with comfort level. In present days several trainings programs are conducted by Government departments, Professional institutes and other private institutes on free basis and chargeable basis based on the requirement (like TDS update training by Income tax department, Service tax training by Service tax department). Professional institutes CA/CWA/CS are conducting the training programs for their member and students regularly.

7.   Developing professional circle: As professional & professional students we need to develop our professional circle. This can be done through professional forums, while expanding your circle you may get different kind of persons having specialized knowledge in each area, this will give us to get help & guidance from them always when we are struggling for something and develop our knowledge.

8.   Sharing the knowledge: Sharing our knowledge will help us to update our knowledge, why because when sharing your present knowledge to other it will be review by them and incase any wrong is there it will be corrected or sometimes we are not aware latest updates but other may aware they can correct us and guide vice versa.

Conclusion: In the present competitive world as professionals, we must up date our knowledge, otherwise we are out dated from the market, so I hope this article help to some extent to develop and update our knowledge.

Good luck.

Thank you

CMA. Ramesh Krishnan

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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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